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Senate Cmte Kills Public Option…But Will it Rise Again?

The Senate Finance Committee voted 15-8 today to kill the “public option” in health care “reform.” But like movie vampires and slashers in hockey masks named Jason, it could rise again to menace the American people.

Report: Bible Taught in Over 350 Public Schools

More than 350 schools in 43 states have implemented courses on the Bible for the 2009-2010 academic year, a new report reveals. Leading the pack is Texas where more than 50 schools are teaching the course this fall, according to data from the Bible Literacy Project, which publishes The Bible and Its Influence, a student textbook designed for public school courses on the Bible.

On Gun Powder and Health Care

The political aristocracy has ignored and abused the men and women of this country that make it all work for too long. At long last, patriots are beginning to make themselves heard and, while eschewing violence, have reminded their representatives that they work for us and we will not tolerate their arrogance, lies and theft of our property any longer. And yes, we are armed, as is our constitutional right. Men like Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine and all the other great patriots have left us a legacy and a duty.

Video: Obama Supporters Praying to Obama

This video shows people from the Gamaliel National Clergy Caucus praying to Barack Obama to hear them, to bless them and to answer their prayers. It’s no wonder Obama is often referred to as the Obamessiah.

Senate Cap and Trade Bill Draft Released: Worse Than House Version

A draft of the Senate version of the cap and trade global warming tax bill has been released, and it is worse than the House assault on the freedom and prosperity of the American people.

Cap and Trade is a Devastating Blow to the Poor

It is a blessing to see that NAE , World Relief and others are calling on the G20 to address the needs of the poor. Sadly, part of the agenda of the G20 is directly at odds with the needs of the poor and this agenda is supported by many evangelicals and the President of the NAE. This is the global warming agenda.

Whoopi Goldberg: Apologist for Rape

How can a person excuse the rape of a 13 year old girl? Ask actress Whoopi Goldberg, who thinks it’s no big deal. Those who serve as apologists and minimalists for evil share a level of depravity with those they defend.

Obama Education Appointee: The Fox Guarding the Hen House

The list of disturbing facts about Kevin Jennings, President Obama’s appointee within the Department of Education, continues to grow, including allegations that he covered up a homosexual encounter between an underage boy and an older man.

A Tale of Two Protests from Left and Right

We’ve seen for years the media double-standard when it comes to reporting on liberals and conservatives. Now we have a fresh example of this difference, from the G20 protests coming on the heels of Tea Party and town hall protesters.

Malthus, Sustainability, and Hitler: Final Solutions

In sustainability, we are confronted with a full-blown marriage between Rousseau, Marx, and Malthus. Many people are making connections to Hitler in things happening in America. This is because Hitler was the proponent of the sustainable marriage of Marx and Malthus of his day.

Loving Big Brother: The Future Is Now

There is no personal freedom. Snitches and surveillance cameras are everywhere. And people are subject to the Thought Police, who deal with anyone guilty of such thought crimes. The government, or “Party,” is headed by Big Brother, who appears on posters everywhere with the words: “Big Brother is watching you.”