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New Report: Cut Down Trees to Stop Global Warming

A team of researchers from the US, Denmark and New Zealand have discovered a process through which hydrocarbons are produced by trees, exceeding any anthropogenic contribution to global warming. We must act now–not tomorrow, now–to rid our planet of the destructive trees.

Lutheran Congregations Begin to Move Away from Liberal ELCA

Conservative Lutherans from congregations throughout the country voted on Saturday to begin deciding on whether to go their separate ways from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Arguing that the ELCA has fallen into heresy, the traditional group has essentially initiated a process that they hope will lead to a reconfiguration of Lutheranism in North America.

The Age of Stupid: A Self-Describing Autobiography of Environmentalists

Phelim McAleer, film maker and producer of Mine Your Own Business, went to the premier of “The Age of Stupid,” an earth-worship film that bashes air travel and other capitalist evils (or perhaps a self-describing autobiography of the age of environmentalism) to ask an inconvenient question: he asked how celebs traveled to the film premier.

‘Pollution Reduction’ Bill is Cap and Trade Global Warming Tax by Any Other Name

Senator John Kerry and his fellow liberals realize the American people are onto the scam of their cap and trade global warming tax, so they plant to rename it “pollution control” and try to dress up this pig. But no matter how much lipstick you put on it, it’ll still be a massive ripoff of the American people that is based on a lie.

Freefall: ObamaCare Approval Still Dropping

The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports finds support for ObamaCare at record lows. Will liberals in congress soon realize they must abandon the government takeover of health care if they want to save their careers in 2010?

Another Large Church Leaves ELCA Over Unbiblical Stance

A megachurch in Glendale, Ariz., unanimously voted Sunday to cut ties with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and will be joining the smaller Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. On its website, Community Church of Joy cited three documents to help make clear the reasons for the congregation’s actions.

Not Evil Just Wrong…Or Wrong AND Evil?

Are the apostles of anthropogenic global warming right? Or are they just wrong and not really evil? Or are they actually evil in their desire to deceive the world out of the blessings of safety and health brought by human industry?

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Munsterman Kicks Off Health Care Discussion Tour

Republican Candidate for Governor Scott Munsterman has kicked off a tour of 42 South Dakota communities to discuss an issue that’s at the top of many people’s minds lately – The availability and the expense of health care in South Dakota.

Let’s Fix our $43 Trillion Problem Before Digging a Deeper Hole

Excess costs for Social Security and Medicare amount to $43 trillion. When added to the national debt, that is about $184,000 for every man, woman and child in America. We should focus on reforming existing federal health programs so they’ll be sustainable for generations to come.

Warning Signs: There to be Heeded

There will come a time when there will be no more chances to change one’s mind. Your destiny is settled. If you have rejected God’s love at that point, you will not be able to accept it. If you have ignored that still small voice that is telling you to get things right with God, you won’t have another opportunity. Those who are unjust, says Jesus, will remain unjust forever.