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Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Sept. 26, 2009

The best of the best from Dakota Voice last week, including: America’s Institutions of Higher Learning: The Idiot Factor; The Source of the Children’s Obama Worship Song Video; Letter Calls on ‘Islam On Capitol Hill’ to Denounce Acts of Terrorism; Values Voter Summit: Mitt Romney; Limbaugh on Leno, Running Down Gore in a Green Car; Does God Expect Me to Stay Married to a Jerk?; A Visit to the Washington Monument; and more!

Pastors to Talk Politics from Pulpit in Defense of Freedom

Dozens of pastors across the country will preach this Sunday providing biblical perspectives on the position of political candidates. The sermons are an act of defiance to the Internal Revenue Service rule that says nonprofits with tax-exempt status cannot endorse a candidate or be involved in political activity.