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I Thought Jesus Came to Keep Me FROM Suffering!

The issue of marriage within the church—namely the noticeable lack of distinction between Christian and non-Christian marriage, given our equal propensity to divorce—is not about the preservation of a tradition or institution. The reality of marriage and our apparent lack of respect for that which “God has joined together” ultimately reveals a gaping chasm between biblical Christianity and cultural Christianity that must be closed if the church wants to be faithful to its mission.

When Adultery is Okay

Is it intolerant to consider adultery always wrong? Are there situations when it is morally acceptable? Is adultery morally upright for some people? Or do human beings sometimes place a stamp of acceptability on immoral acts that they like?

White House: Free Speech Takes Back Seat in Push for Socialism

Not content merely to lie to the American people, the White House is now threatening to sue to muzzle a private company in their desperate attempt to save their unpopular socialized health care scheme. So much for the First Amendment…

Pounding the Table: Health Care and the Race Card

There’s an old adage popular among lawyers: If your case is weak on the law, pound the facts. If it’s weak on the facts, pound the law. If your case is weak on the facts and the law, pound the table. Democrats are pounding the table, invoking allegations of racism as the motivation for the opposition to health care “reform.”