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Divorce Statistics Not as Bad as Portrayed

U.S. Census Bureau data reveals the commonly held contention that one out of two marriages end in divorce is all wet. Read how good your odds are for having an enduring marriage, and what you can do to help strengthen marriage in society.

How Medicare Does Not Work

If Obama and his allies in Congress succeed in forcing a national health care system modeled after Medicare, then everyone will start to experience the same medical bill problems caused by errors at government agencies which senior citizens have had with Medicare for years.

Is This the News or a Comedy Tour?

It’s increasingly hard to tell the difference between the likes of Charlie Gibson and Keith Olbermann, who are supposedly journalists and John Stewart and Stephen Colbert who are self-confessed comedians.

A Visit to the Washington Monument

After the Values Voter Summit concluded Sunday morning with a worship service and sermon by FRC President Tony Perkins, Pastor Dale Bartscher from the South Dakota Family Policy Council and I went to visit the Washington Monument and go as high up in it as you can get (800 ft up the 855 ft of it).

America’s Institutions of Higher Learning: The Idiot Factory

Steven Crowder goes undercover to look at the idiot factories the typical American university has become. Among the pearls of wisdom: “There were some pressures put on the American people that maybe were unjustified but I also think that those revolutionary people in American history were maybe blowing those issues up a little more.”

Washington D.C. at Night

Some photos of Washington D.C. at night, including the Capitol, the U.S. Supreme Court building, the Washington Monument, the Capitol Reflecting Pool, the north and south sides of the White House.

Bureaucracy and Power Plays: The Problems with Obama’s Policy Czars

During his nine months in office, Obama has appointed an AfPak czar, an AIDS czar, a car czar, a border czar, a climate czar, a cyber security czar, a green jobs czar, a pay czar, a drug czar, a health czar, a science czar and a war czar, and that’s just to name a few of the approximately 32 czars in the Obama White House. And, most likely, there’s more to come.

2009 Constitution Party National Committee Meeting in Phoenix

Famed Author and Investigative Journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi and Constitutionalist Author and preparedness expert, Joel Skousen, To Speak At the October 23- 24, 2009 Constitution Party National Committee Meeting in Phoenix, AZ!