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Dr. Ergun Caner at the Values Voter Summit

Dr. Ergun Caner, President of the Liberty Theological Seminary, was born and raised the son of a Muslim leader in Turkey, he came to the United States and and eventually became a Christian. Caner said he was the oldest of three sons, and his family came to America to build mosques.  He said they did […]

Gov Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit

Texas Governor Rick Perry was the first of the Saturday afternoon speakers at the Values Voter Summit today. Perry said the party in charge of Washington right now is proving what many of us have long known about their extreme liberal agenda. He said that contrary to how liberals are trying to paint us as […]

Values Voter Summit: Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, was the last speaker of the morning session of the Values Voter Summit. Romney opened by speaking of President Barack Obama and said you never would have thought of Jimmy Carter and the “good ole days” in the same frame of mind. Said Romney, “We […]

William Bennett at the Values Voter Summit

Author and radio host Bill Bennett said there have been some interesting developments over the past year: in January they (meaning liberals) had us surrounded, but now we have them on the run. Bennett is a former Secretary of Education and wrote the “America: The Last Best Hope” history series.  I have been a student […]

Planned Parenthood Exposed at Values Voter Summit

Lila Rose of LiveAction has done several undercover operations, visiting Planned Planned Parenthood clinics to video their illegal actions and attempts to subvert the youth of America. She said that Planned Parenthood got to know her and posted a picture of her and her dark hair.  So she dyed her hair platinum blond and continued […]

Rep John Boehner at Values Voter Summit

House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) said his Democratic colleagues in congress are bankrupting the country.  He said the massive deficit spending we’re doing just can’t be sustained. Boehner talked about the cap and trade global warming tax.  He said the plan sets up a large bureaucracy and taxes everything connected with energy.  Boehner […]

Warning: Obamacare May Be Hazardous to the Unborn

Why we’re talking about race – again