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New Baucus Health Care Plan: Packed With Taxes and Abortion

Senator Max Baucus’ Senate Finance Committee has released a draft proposal on health care “reform” and it contains huge taxes for individuals who don’t play their health care game, huge incentives for employers to push people onto the government system, and taxpayer-funded abortion.

Obama Admits: Cap and Trade Could Cost Americans $1,761 a Year

Liberals have tried to deny the massive impact of the cap and trade global warming tax already passed by the House and going to the Senate, but CBS News reports the Obama administration has privately concluded that a cap and trade law would cost American taxpayers an extra $1,761 a year.

Estimating the Size of the 912 D.C. Tea Party Crowd

How can we reasonably estimate the size of the crowd at last Saturday’s D.C. Tea Party with no official tally and so much misinformation floating around? The Heritage Foundation has produced some good estimates based on other events and use of the D.C. Metro system.

10,000 Health Care Professionals Denounce Abortion Mandates in Health Care Plan

The Christian Medical Association sent a letter to President Obama Tuesday notifying him that over 10,000 health care professionals and individuals have signed a petition calling for changes to be made to current health care bills in Congress. Signers of the Freedom2Care petition urged the president and Congress to protect conscience rights and to stop abortion mandates.

Newsflash: Senator John Thune a Republican Who Votes Republican

You know you’re on track when liberals think you’re doing a horrible job. So it is when a liberal blog points out that Senator John Thune votes with Republican values more than any other Republican in the Senate. What’s next: denigrating Thune for showing respecting the Constitution more than any other senator?

Liberals Playing the Race Card from a Losing Hand

Liberals had the daylights scared out of them over last weekend, with one of the biggest protests in history in Washington D.C. So in their desperation to salvage their socialist agenda, they are playing the “race card” like a bad poker player who’s had too much to drink.

SD Gubernatorial Candidate Commends Constitution Day

South Dakota GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Munsterman commends the U.S. Constitution on Constitution Day, along with the values it is founded on and the values it engenders in American life.

Obamacare would apply military triage to civilians

What Obama and the liberals are suggesting is that we adapt the military triage system for civilian use not for winning battles but for reducing costs. In either case, it is necessary to set priorities and ration available services for purposes that benefit the collective, but not necessarily the individual; winning battles or saving money.

Health Insurance Mandate Like Auto Insurance?

Is it really no big deal to have the federal government force you to spend your hard-earned dollars on a health insurance policy, whether you need or want it? Is it really just like the requirement for car owners to have car insurance? Not even close.

Gubernatorial Candidate Munsterman Calls For New Business Model for State Govt

South Dakota GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Munsterman calls for the state to change from “business as usual” practices, and for the state to live realistically within its means.

Educating for Collectivization

The “sustainability” movement is everywhere. Sustainable education teaches redistribution of wealth and class envy and warfare. We need a uniting, not collectivization, of parents to take back the school boards and the classrooms from the teachers unions and the Department of Education.