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A Rare Moment: I Agree With President Obama

Kanye West recently made an idiot of himself and ruined a woman’s moment as she received a music award. Now President Barack Obama has weighed in on the matter, and a staunch conservative finds himself agreeing with a liberal president.

Gallup: Most Americans Say Health Care Vote a Big Factor in 2010 Elections

This Gallup poll finds most Americans would advise their congressional representative to vote against government health care, and an overwhelming majority of them say how their representative votes will be a “major factor” in how the vote next year.

Socialized Health Care Irony: Institutionalized Unfairness

Despite the foolish attempt of socialists to make the world a fair place, the imperfect nature of our fallen world ensures such attempts will always fail, and artificial means to ignore that nature will usually make things much worse. In order to be “fair” to the majority, institutional systems of redistribution must determine where resources would be wasted and take draconian steps to stem that waste where possible. That means “stemming” care to those with the least practical value to the state: infants, the disabled, and the elderly.

Poll: President Obama’s Health Care Speech Falls Flat

Usually an American president gets a good–even if temporary–bounce in the polls out of a major speech. But according to an ABC-Washington Post poll, President Obama’s government health care speech only got him 2 points…within the margin of error.