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We the People Head Due South

This is a great song from a band called Due South called “We the People.”
The song has gone viral on the internet in the wake of Saturday’s 912 Tea Party in Washington D.C. The song definitely has the right attitude and the right words.

Views from the Ultimate Tea Party Protest went to Saturday’s 912 Tea Party and found found out these people weren’t the freakazoids and obscene names the “mainstream” media calls them; just ordinary patriotic Americans who have had enough of seeing their Constitution trampled, their livelihoods wasted, and their freedom go down the drain.

Media Bias Obvious to a Growing Number of Americans

There has been a growing awareness among the American people for the past 15-20 years of media bias toward liberalism. Many people have known about it for far longer than that, going back to the 1960s, but it has only become widely acknowledged since the rise of talk radio, the internet and other avenues of information.The lasted from Pew shows the number of Americans who see the media as biased has doubled in the last 25 years.

The Biggest Liar of All

Barack Obama is lying. And there is no need to apologize for telling it like it is, as Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) did after he shouted “You lie!” as Obama spoke to the joint session of Congress on Wednesday. He’s a liar. Let us review a few of his “clarifications.”

Celebrate the Constitution by Becoming an Activist

Much like the colonists who dared to stand up to Great Britain in 1776, we too must confront the massive machinery of government. They brought about a revolution because of their courageous tenacity. Likewise, if we are to pull through these trying times with our freedoms intact, it will take the dedication of each and every one of us.

New reality series an instant hit! Only on Fox.

Soon to be a new reality series starring James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles and featuring those zany madcap ladies of ACORN; each week we’ll be taken to different locales across the country for sometimes heart breaking but always exciting episodes in which a young couple pursue their dream and seek help in establishing their own house of prostitution. You’ll be amazed at how adeptly the ACORN ladies clear away obstacles and leap hurdles in their eagerness to help the young entrepreneurs.

Candidate Obama to ACORN: You Will Help Shape the Agenda

In 2007 Candidate Barack Obama promised ACORN that they would be called in, even before his inauguration, to help shape his administration’s policy. Let’s take a look at ACORN and what kind of advice they may be giving.

The Big Speech: Did He Do It?

A mass email carried a message from President Obama after his address to Congress. He asked people to contact their representatives urging them to support his healthcare plan. Since the Democrats have the votes in both houses to pass any legislation they agree upon why does he need our help to convince anyone of anything? Was he speaking to the nation or was he trying to rally his Democrat troops to toe the line and pass his bill?