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Census Bureau Severs Ties with ACORN over Prostitution Video

Fox News reports the U.S. Census Bureau is cutting all ties with the ACORN nuts over their latest incident of pathetic behavior in helping a pimp and prostitute avoid paying taxes and make their business “legit.”

‘Journalist’ David Shuster Says Constitution is ‘Baloney’

The typical liberal disrespect for the U.S. Constitution is always disgusting for patriotic Americans to watch, but while most liberals won’t come right out and admit they believe the Constitution is trash, MSNBC’s David Shuster comes right out and calls the Tenth Amendment “baloney”.

CNN Jumps the Gun on Coast Guard Exercise in D.C.

It sounds as if CNN jumped the gun on a Coast Guard training exercise on the Potomac River this morning as President Barack Obama was at the Pentagon for a 911 ceremony. The media mistook the exercise for a “real world” situation and reported shots fired.

Tort Reform now in the hands of Trial Lawyers

In the days leading up to the speech that conceivably could make or break the Obama presidency there was talk on the right that besides eliminating the “public option,” any chance of bi-partisan health care reform legislation would depend upon the Democrats tackling the issue of medical malpractice law, which currently costs Americans nearly $200 billion annually.

911 Will Not Be Forgotten

Do you remember the morning of September 11, 2001? Do you remember how we got there and how much it cost us? Let us remember the lessons of 911 that were purchased at so high a price.

No American Should Have to Choose Between Health Care and Beer

As President Obama has pointed out, it’s a shame that an American should have to choose between health insurance or groceries. It’s also a shame when they have to choose between health care and vitamin supplements, cell phones, plasma TVs, video games or beer.

ACORN Advice on Filing Taxes on Pimping and Prostitution

ACORN nuts on video tape instructing a pimp and his ho how to make their business “legit”, even deducting condoms as an “office expense” and claiming “very young” girls brought over illegally from overseas as sex slaves as “dependents.”

Obama Lied, His Credibility Died

A lot of the things liberals want in their government health care plan are deal-breakers for the majority of Americans and Obama knows that. So he had to lie. It’s just too bad for him that the American people aren’t nearly as stupid as he gives them credit for.

Health Care Hair Trigger: Don’t Buy Another Liberal Ruse

Liberals in Washington are switching gears in their attempt to sneak socialized health care past the American people. Now they’re starting to talk about a “trigger” for government health care–a trigger they’re going to make darn sure gets pulled.

President on Notice: Will Have to Contend with Glenn Beck and More

Although Beck helped rid us of Van Jones–one of Obama’s more dangerous appointees–there are plenty more questionable people who remain within the president’s inner circle. Congress is full of subversive progressives who aid and abet the White House. Each and every one of them must also be taken to task. And the American people are here to help do that.

Obama Freely Calls People Liars and No One Blinks

Some think Rep. Joe Wilson was boorish for calling President Obama a liar. Well, I find Obama and his pals manipulating bullies and liars, when they try to deny that there are “death panels.” I find it worse than boorish that the President of the United States would dare call people liars (or suggest they are), when in fact they aren’t liars.