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The Economy’s Great…If You’re a Bureaucrat

According to the federal government’s own Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average federal bureaucrat pushing papers in some comfy government office now makes $79,197 a year – as compared to just $49,935 for the hardworking Americans toiling in the vineyards to make the tax dollars lining the bureaucrats’ coffers.

Cass Sunstein Supports an Internet ‘Fairness’ Doctrine

Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), believes it’s bad if you prefer some information sources over another, or are exposed to a particular view too much. He believes not only in a “Fairness Doctrine” for broadcasting, but for the internet as well.

The Effective Governance of Fascism

Where does “effective governance” stop? It doesn’t, because it is based on a premise that the goal is absolutely essential. Why would we destroy the platform that keeps this from happening? We have a constitutional representative republican form of government. It is our government as the People. Effective governance is designed to abandon or ignore or annihilate the limitations of that system of government for the principle of pragmatism to achieve a special interest. It is fascism.