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Another Breakthrough for Adult Stem Cells

Stanford University researchers say they have successfully transformed fat cells into an embryonic-like state which makes it possible to change them into other forms of tissue cells which can be used to treat various injuries and illnesses.

Christianity and American Government

Christian philosophy was vital to the founding of the American republic and the framing of our American governmental institutions. It is also essential to the health, maintenance and survival of our free republic.

Spearfish Canyon and Roughlock Falls

These are some more pics from my family’s adventures yesterday. While we were in the Spearfish area we decided to take a drive through beautiful Spearfish Canyon. Though the best time to drive through Spearfish Canyon is still a few weeks away when the trees are really changing color, it’s never a bad time to […]

High Plains Western Heritage

My family and I visited the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish yesterday. I’d wanted to stop in there for several years, and we try to do things with our children that are both fun and educational as much as possible. This museum in Spearfish has all manner of items from Native American and […]

The Importance of Christianity in Understanding U.S. History

Teaching the importance of Christianity in U.S. history is common sense, asserted several evangelical leaders in defending a new Texas law that requires public schools to incorporate Bible literacy into the curriculum. “Understand America’s history without any reference to her Christian heritage? You might as well try to tell the story of Huck Finn without mentioning the Mississippi River,” wrote Jim Daly.