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More Anti-American Radicalism from Obama’s Van Jones

We can thank President Barack Obama’s black red green czar Van Jones for one thing: he’s bringing the anti-American hate and vitriol which the Obama Administration is so full of out into the open. The portfolio of known information about Van Jones’ radicalism and anti-Americanism gets bigger almost daily.

Blinded By the Light of Discovery

Recent reports of an unprecedented development in gene therapy indicate that humility before the mysterious and awesome power of nature is a lesson mankind has yet to learn. The scientific community seems unable to resist the Siren song of “discovery,” even when the future of humanity may well be at stake.

The Tragedy of the Commons

A simple problem is put forth: A common grazing field is available to a community of herders. Everyone brings his or her cows there. Because there is no clear ownership, the only incentive each herder has is to bring all of his cows to graze and consume as much as possible. With everyone doing it, and no one having any incentive to consider the implications of their behavior beyond consuming as much as possible, the final result is obvious. The field is destroyed.