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Obama Violates Federal Law to Indoctrinate Your Children

President Obama has announced that on Tuesday, September 8, he plans to televise an address to the public school children of America. But Obama’s extreme overreach goes well beyond political tastelessness. It’s actually a violation of federal law. Federal law specifically forbids Obama, Duncan or any officer from exercising “any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system.” 20 U.S.C. § 3403.

Tony Perkins: Govt Takeover of Health Care Won’t Solve Problems

A prominent conservative leader stepped into the ring with liberal radio show host Ed Schultz this week to explain why many religious leaders and lay are against the federal government’s hotly debated plan for health care reform despite the obligation they have to help those in need. “Trying to give it off to the government is an abdication of personal responsibility,” Perkins explained.

Van Jones: Exposed and Condemned by His Own Words

A few months ago I wrote about President Barack Obama’s black red green czar Van Jones.What we knew of this radical avowed-communist then was plenty disturbing, especially for someone involved in running our country. But we didn’t know nearly everything about this man who is so hostile to the American way of life.

SD Gubernatorial Candidate Urges Rejection of ‘Sick Tax’

In a letter sent to members of the committee of the Medicaid Reimbursement Study, GOP Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Munsterman expressed concern over proposals for taxes on health care plans at the federal level, and taxes on health care services at the state level.

Many Parents Keeping Kids Home from President Obama’s School Speech

Countless American parents across the country are up in arms over President Obama’s plans to make a speech to their children in school. When you stop and think about it, these parents really do have a lot of reason to be concerned.

Hot Air Tour in Rapid City – CFL President Gordon Howie

From the Americans for Prosperity Hot Air Tour that visited Rapid City a couple of days ago, this video is of Citizens for Liberty President Gordon Howie addressing the crowd after AFP President Tim Phillips spoke. Howie had a message for all levels of government, and literally drew a line in the sand to emphasize it.

Obama Activists Tried to Use 911 Anniversary to Push Socialized Medicine

As Fox News reports “President Obama’s grassroots advocacy group is coming under fire for a supporter who pulled the Sept. 11 attacks into the health care debate. The controversy stems from a notice on the Organizing for America Web site urging reform advocates to use the anniversary of the terror attacks to call on lawmakers to pass health care reform.” The campaign talked about “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists.”