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Blame it on Hussein

For those too young to get it, click here. From The Patriot Post (www.PatriotPost.US)

The Slow Road to Govt Health Care: Co-Ops

As President Obama’s poll numbers plummet and outrage over the proposed government takeover of health care rages on, socialists in congress are beginning to talk more of “co-ops” as a solution to our health care system woes. Word to the wise: don’t be fooled.

Young Chicks Ground Up Alive at Hatchery

Animal rights activists are livid because unwanted male chicks at an egg hatchery were ground up alive at the facility. Yet we frequently employ procedures on live human beings that would seem to be far less humane.

Stunning Photos of California Wildfires

The British Telegraph has some incredible pictures of the wildfires burning out of control in California. Some of them, like the one in the upper left side of this article, come from NASA.  According to the photo caption at NASA: Triple-digit temperatures, extremely low relative humidities, dense vegetation that has not burned in decades, and […]

New Government Program: Gold for Grandpa

In a similar vein as Cash for Clunkers, the government announces a new cash giveaway program: From Obamacare, it’s “Gold for Grandpa”!Trade in old, high-maintenance grandparents for cash prizes and free health care credits!How much is your old family member worth? Take them to the nearest government Planned Obsolescence Center for a free estimate today!

Nominee Sunstein: Plunging the Agricultural Industry into a Litigation Abyss

Cass Sunstein is President Obama’s nominee to head an office within the White House’s Office of Management and Budget called the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). Some of Mr. Sunstein’s views are troubling to say the least. He is on record supporting rights for animals including giving standing to private persons to sue on behalf of animals under existing laws. He has also stated that he believes there should be more regulation in the area of animal rights.

Dr. Adams’ Hate Mail

A few excerpts from the latest installment of one of my favorite columnists. Dr. Adams is a professor of criminal justice at UNC-Wilmington in North Carolina. As a conservative and a Christian at the typical bastion of liberalism known as an American college, you can imagine the kind of ignorance that confronts Adams on a daily basis. In his latest, Dr. Adams share some liberal wisdom he has encountered.

Senator Thune Town Hall – Cap and Trade

A question on cap and trade at Senator John Thune’s town hall meeting last Friday: I have many colleagues in agriculture who are otherwise conservative but have fallen into the mindset that because of carbon credits, etc. cap and trade would bring South Dakota a lot of “free” money. What is your opinion on cap and trade, carbon credits, etc.?

What’s in a Number?

Stating the obvious passes for folk wisdom in remote tribal areas such as the Southside of Chicago and since we now live in the Chicago-on- the-Potomac perhaps we should start to take some of this obvious wisdom into account…including statistics.