Study: No Jobs Americans Won’t Do

j0428582I think we all knew that the excuse often proffered by the amnesty lobby that we need illegal aliens for jobs Americans won’t do was baloney.

However, now there’s a study which actually looked at the issue and proved the contention was false.

From CNS News:

A study released by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows that native-born Americans fill the majority of jobs in almost every field. According to the CIS, this debunks the idea that immigrants are required to do jobs that Americans would refuse.

The study — titled “Jobs Americans Don’t Do?” — found that only four occupations in the United States employ a majority immigrant workforce. The findings also showed that a vast majority of occupations, including many low-skill jobs, are filled mostly by native-born Americans.

“It looks like pretty much every job, including the worst paying, the toughest jobs you can think of, are done, typically overwhelmingly, by Americans — even jobs that you might think are overwhelmingly done by foreign-born people,” said Steven Camarota, director of research for the organization.

Those four occupations which employ a majority of immigrants:

  • “plasterers and stucco masons” 56%
  • “graders and sorters, agricultural products” 54%
  • “misc. personal appearance workers” 53%
  • “tailors, dressmakers and sewers” 51%

But the main reasons for stopping illegal immigration remain national security, drug interdiction, and the simple fact that it’s against the law.

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