Five Good Reasons Cash for Clunkers is a Clunker

j0313816It remains to be seen whether the Senate will follow the House and vote to steal still more money from taxpaying Americans to fund their anti-global warming “Cash for Clunkers” aka Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) program.

This is the government program that was created and managed so well that it ran out of it’s $1 billion budget in a week.  Now it’s proponents are back before their government-god with their hands out, begging for another $2 billion or so of the taxpayer’s money to waste on yet another unconstitutional program.

But in the meantime, the Heritage Foundation has compiled a list of reasons why this clunker of a socialist idea will ultimately prove yet another abysmal failure.

  1. Experts say it’s global warming motivation will do little if anything in taking evil polluting gas guzzlers off the road. Guidelines are so loose that even 1 MPG better will qualify you for tradein.  And with all the chemical filth poured into the atmosphere when dealers destroy perfectly good engines, the idiots in Washington could easily end up making things worse (like they usually do).
  2. It hits low and medium-income Americans who prefer to buy used cars because the diminishing pool of used cars will drive up the price of used cars.  Even though socialists claim to be in love with “the working man,” they are so astonishingly stupid about market forces that they always end up doing idiotic things like this that stick it to “the little guy.”
  3. Charities will also take a hit.  There have been programs around for years for people to donate used vehicles to charities.  The charities can either make use of the vehicles themselves, or turn around and sell the vehicle to finance their charitable operations. Now that perfectly good and valuable used cars are being completely wasted, that pool is drying up.
  4. This program further entangles the government in the business of the free market (in addition to a few more billion dollars of theft from the American taxpayer).  America was created to have a limited government and a free market economy.  Socialists have been meddling more and more in the past several decades, bloating the federal government into a behemoth that has usurped control of huge portions of our free economy. Since the Obama Administration took power, that unconstitutional imbalance has accelerated into overdrive.
  5. Cash for Clunkers adds to an already staggering debt.  We are trillions in debt from all the reckless spending and borrowing, and this just sinks us a little further.

Though there are obviously plenty of people out there willing–even eager–to take property from their neighbor for their own benefit, Rasmussen reports 54% of Americans oppose this government ripoff.

That number may rise as more Americans actually stop to think a little bit about where that money is coming from (hint: the socialists in Washington aren’t opening their wallets to give it to people).  And as more Americans realize this money is being taken from their fellow Americans against their will, it might actually occur to them that they are participating in government theft, that they are accepting stolen goods.

Most Americans are fairly honest, for the most part.  But our government and their accomplices in the “mainstream” media peddle socialist pap to us with lots of glitz and shiny wrapping so that, unless we slow down to think about what’s actually going on, we don’t realize our complicity in something our founding fathers would have outraged to see.

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