CDC Official: AIDS Rate is 50x Higher in Homosexual Men

bd07051_The dangers of homosexual behavior have been long known to anyone with eyes to see them and ears to hear them, despite the “mainstream” media’s efforts to sweep this information under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist; they are, after all, willing and eager participants in the effort to whitewash homosexuality in the eyes of the public.

Yet the information keeps popping up in places like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New England Journal of Medicine, the Department of Justice, the American Sociological Review, the Archives of General Psychology, the Washington Blade, the Journal of Sex Research and more.  No matter how badly the minions of political correctness want it to stay buried, the truth keeps slipping out.

Like Monday, when a CDC official stated that the AIDS rate is 50x higher in homosexual men.

From LifeSiteNews:

An official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the CDC’s estimate Monday that in the United States AIDS is fifty times more prevalent among men who have sex with men (‘MSM’) than the rest of the population. Dr. Amy Lansky revealed this statistic during a plenary session at the 2009 HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta.

The CDC had already revealed last year that approximately 53% of the estimated 56,300 new HIV cases in 2006 were in homosexual men, with the African American population being particularly affected.

The new statistics, however, estimate the prevalence of HIV/AIDS relative to the homosexual population, which allows comparisons to other groups in the wider population. Because of the difficulty of determining the homosexual population, the CDC had to estimate. Based on a variety of national surveys, they based their statistics on the median estimate that homosexual men constitute 4 percent of the overall male population, reports RH Reality Check.

According to Dr. Lansky, then, based on the 4 percent figure, the CDC estimates that in 2007 there were 692.2 new HIV cases per 100,000 homosexual men – or fifty times more cases than the rest of the population.

While merely an approximation, the CDC’s announcement confirms previous statistics and studies that indicate vastly disproportionate occurrence of sex-related diseases in homosexuals. According to a February 2007 study, for example, homosexual men with HIV are 90 times more likely to develop anal cancer than the rest of the population.

UPI cited a study which found the cancer rate for smokers to be 10-30 times higher than for nonsmokers.

You’re aware of the massive public campaign to warn people of the dangers of smoking, right?

When it comes to the dangers of an immoral, unnatural sexual practice that a mountain of health data says is very dangerous in a host of ways…well, the crickets are pretty loud.

These elevated dangers include not only AIDS, but many other forms of sexually transmitted diseases, anal cancer, hepatitis, depression, substance abuse, suicide and domestic violence.

For our “mainstream” media  and most public health officials to ignore such huge health risks in a particular segment of society can rationally indicate only one thing: they must harbor incredible disdain and loathing for homosexuals.

Usually, when people care about their fellow human beings and see them in danger, they warn them as strongly as they can about that danger. Yet most of the elites in our society are actually encouraging homosexuals to destroy their lives and their souls.

“Tolerance” isn’t loving or compassionate when it encourages another person to plunge headlong into oblivion.

9 Responses to “CDC Official: AIDS Rate is 50x Higher in Homosexual Men”

  1. Hi Bob,

    Are you familiar with the term “opportunistic infections”…? That's when normally harmless bacteria, fungi and virus that are naturally found in the majority of the population become harmful in those with weakened immune systems (cancer, HIV, etc) because the body can no longer keep them in check.

    It is hardly surprising, then, that HPV anal & cervical cancers are more prevalent in patients with compromised immunities.

    That's like reporting that someone with a cold is 90 times more likely to be congested than the rest of the population.

  2. The important question is: how did they come to develop compromised immunities?

  3. …through unprotected sex

    The same way the 1.3 million babies who were aborted in the U.S. last year were conceived.

    There are deadly consequences when having unprotected sex, whether you're hetero or homo sexual.

    (* oh, and since you seem to prefer reporting statistics rather than actual numbers, that headline would read “New study finds that heterosexuals are 100% more likely to kill their unborn child than homosexuals”)

  4. Well, I can see you're highly invested in avoiding the truth about this immoral and highly dangerous behavior at all costs.

    Not for your benefit, but for that of any thinking, open-minded people who may stop by, I'll just point out that heterosexuals have unprotected sex in similar proportions compared to those who have “protected” sex, yet the AIDS rate is astronomically higher in the homosexual community. It is also interesting that while homosexuals only make up 2.9% of the population, they make up the astonishingly overwhelming majority of AIDS cases. That should tell even a remotely rational person something, including something about a dangerous behavior to avoid.

    Well, enough time spent on the ostrich lobby.

  5. The rates for ethnic minorities are similarly shocking. What's the solution that you'd propose there? Melanin-therapy?

  6. The prescription would be the same: stop performing immoral and unhealthy acts, and behave in a sexually responsible manner by reserving sex for marriage (real marriage).

    Since homosexual behavior is itself immoral and contrary to the natural, healthy use of the body, the entire practice should be avoided.

  7. Stop wasting your breath, Bob. A radical leftist has long abandoned any consideration or even the remotest respect for truth and will actually contradict established facts for the sake of an agenda. We see it all the time in today's society, especially in government run wild.

  8. Stop wasting your breath, Bob. A radical leftist has long abandoned any consideration or even the remotest respect for truth and will actually contradict established facts for the sake of an agenda. We see it all the time in today's society, especially in government run wild.