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Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending August 29, 2009

The best of the best at Dakota Voice last week, including: Judge: Abortionists Must Tell Women Abortion Terminates a Human Life; Judge Orders Homeschooler into Public School for Being Too Religious; Hardball’s Chris Matthews Plays Hard to Get; The VA’s Death Book a Model for Obamacare; Marine Takes Oath Seriously, Why Don’t Congressmen?; Church Drops ‘Lutheran’ From Name after Pro-Homosexual Vote; Senate Wants Presidential Control of the Internet; and more.

Senator Thune Town Hall – Should We Kill the Health Care Bill?

A question asked at Senator John Thune’s recent town hall meeting in Rapid City: It has become clear that the value of human life will be measured by a formula, and taxpayer funded abortion will be included in the government health care plan. “Senator, wouldn’t it be better just to kill this bill and start over again with a different congress?”

Discipleship is Evangelism

Where discipleship precedes conversion it is evangelism; where it follows conversion it serves sanctification. The man or woman moved by God will receive this instruction, becoming a follower of Christ, whereas the natural man will reject these things. We don’t convert people through arguments or persuasion; Christ alone receives credit for the conversion of human souls.