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Senate Wants Presidential Control of the Internet

When control of the banking industry isn’t enough, and control of the auto industry isn’t enough, and control of the energy industry isn’t enough, and even control of the health care industry isn’t enough…where’s a power-addicted socialists supposed to turn? How about the internet? So says a Senate bill to give the president power to shut down the internet…and the “New Media” that’s a thorn in his side?

Senator Thune Town Hall Meeting in Rapid City

Senator John Thune (R-SD) held a town hall meeting at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology today, giving a presentation on U.S. debt projections and taking questions from the audience. Questions dealt mostly with aspects of government health care (cost, illegal aliens, abortion, access, etc.) but with some others on cap and trade and other issues.

Media Lapdogs Won’t Air Ad Critical of Govt Health Care

While ABC was more than willing to provide President Barack Obama with an infomercial from inside the White House a few months ago, we now learn that ABC (All Barack Channel) and NBC (Nothing but Barack Channel) have refused to run a national ad that highlights critical “holes” in the president’s attempt to take over the health care industry.

Study: Govt Health Care a Job Killer

As if you needed another reason to oppose this flea-bitten dog of a program known as “the public option,” a new report finds it will be a job-killer with it’s employer mandates.