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The Prophet Speaks on Health Care Responsibility

President Obama has made a religious appeal to promote his socialist health care agenda. But is his appeal supported by the Bible? Do his fruits support his credibility on this subject?

Obama and Pals Ignoring the Will of the People: Domestic War Crimes in the Making?

Headlines are suggesting that Obama & Pals are determined to push through a health care bill regardless of what the majority of the American people want. So it isn’t about the people then? It isn’t about “change” that will restore the peoples’ voice and trust in government? It is, instead, about what Obama & Pals […]

Death Panels Already Working in Oregon

Socialists in congress and the White House are still trying to get us to believe that government health care isn’t going to result in them being rationed out of health care or pushed (gently or not-so-gently) into euthanasia. But in Oregon, the “death panels” are already impaneled…and ready to dispense death.

Government Health Care Promotes Fraud

Bureaucracy, distance from the process, and lack of financial stake in the process leads to tremendous amounts of fraud in the Medicare system–at taxpayer expense. Should we expand opportunities for this kind of fraud by providing government health care for all Americans?

One Step Closer to New Refinery

Hyperion moves one step closer to building the first new refinery in the United States in over 30 years. New refining capacity is badly needed, as our current capacity is practically maxed out.


This is the latest from Lloyd Marcus, the patriotic entertainer who brought us the Tea Party themes American Tea Party Anthem and We the People. Marcus is a singer and composer who is touring with the Tea Party Express Tour.  He is also a columnist at I wonder what he means by “Twenty-Ten”?  Any ideas, […]

Prop. 8 Constitutionality Trial Set

A trial on the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 has been scheduled for Jan. 11, 2010, a federal judge announced on Wednesday. The judge allowed the city of San Francisco to join the case against the state’s constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. He said the city brings a unique perspective to the case in terms of the financial impact that banning marriage for gay and lesbian couples has on local governments.