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How Cap and Trade Would Hit South Dakota

A look at how cap and trade would hit South Dakota. Consumers would be hit hard. Prices of electricity and gasoline will rise sharply. Beginning in 2012, job losses will be 4,489 higher than without a cap-and-trade bill in place.

U.K. on ObamaCare: Been there, done that

Wise Americans realize we don’t need to try socialized health care to see if it will work. Not only did President Obama remind us how “well” government programs usually work with his “post office” comment, but the British NHS is the only crystal ball we need.

NY Dealers Pull Out of Cash for Clunkers for Govt Delinquency

Liberal hopes that a successful federal government program might finally be observed have been dashed as the program not only went broke in a week, but so far only 2% of the claims have been paid by the government. Now NY dealers are pulling out of the program altogether because of the government’s delinquency. Meanwhile, some people still want the federal government to take over health care…

Sen. Reid Determined to Force Govt Health Care on Ungrateful Serfs

Not to be deterred by things like the U.S. Constitution, history, common sense or the will of the American people, Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said today they’ll do whatever it takes to ram socialized health care down the throats of the American people.

Asking Medicare a Question Can be an Ordeal

Navigating the Medicare Maze can be quite an ordeal, as this story illustrates. Should we ensure all Americans have access to this ordeal by expanding government health care?

Alabama Legislature Rebukes Federal Climate Change Assault on Economy

The latest of several states to tell the federal government to back off and stay within constitutional limits, the Alabama legislature has passed a resolution stating that any climate change legislation should not assault the U.S. economy the way Waxman-Markey does.