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British Doctors Frequently Practice ‘Deep Sedation’ Euthanasia

Americans concerned over the possibility of euthanasia–direct or indirect–arising from a government health care system are well justified. A BBC report finds 16.5% of deaths in the UK are associated with “deep sedation,” or a form of “slow euthanasia.”

Update on the Herseth Sandlin Luncheon: Chamber Had Template Troubles

In the latest development from the Rep. Herseth Sandlin luncheon saga, the Chamber of Commerce now tells Citizens for Liberty President Gordon Howie that the problem began when organizers used an event template which included an invitation to non-members, and that it was not Rep. Herseth Sandlin who asked that the meeting be closed to non-members.

Gallup: Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in Every State

A new Gallup poll shows there has been a shift, and conservatives now outnumber liberals in all 50 states. It seems short periods of unrestrained liberalism are a good mechanism for converting people to conservatism.

Obama Claims No Death Panels, Some Already Call the Shots

President Obama claims death panels won’t be calling the life or death shots under a government health care system. However, there are already similar panels making life or death decisions for the sick and disabled. How much more dangerous could this be from a government which already sorely lacks accountability?

Catching Wild Pigs

How do you catch wild pigs? You get them used to eating free food, then enclose them when they’re not alert. Got freedom?

Justice Dept: ‘This administration does not support DOMA’

The Justice Department on Monday said the Obama administration does not support the 1996 federal law that bans same-sex marriage. This is the first time the Justice Department stated that it opposes the Defense of Marriage Act in a court brief.

Does Life Have Meaning or Are We Merely Bobbleheads in Bubbleland?

Is there a purpose to life? Is there a meaning to life? Are we all aimless beings, mere products of chance, here merely to consume, grind out a living and die? Or is there some bigger purpose behind the stage play we call life?

The Murky Waters of Abortion in Health Care Reform

While pro-life and pro-choice supporters continue to argue about the health care reform bill in their favor, independent analysts say the current proposed legislation leaves it “unclear” whether tax payers will pay for abortion services.“Frankly we just don’t know yet,” said ABC News’s Kate Snow, who ran a fact check on whether abortion will be paid using public money, on “World News with Charles Gibson.”