Archive for August 17th, 2009

Canada Considers Privatizing Health Care

Even as President Barack Obama seeks to expand government, the Canadians are starting to acknowledge this folly in their own system.

Feds Have Reimbursed 2% of Cash for Clunkers Claims

The highly “successful” government program known as “Cash for Clunkers” has reimbursed only 2% of claims. And we’re supposed to trust these people with our health care system?

Socialists Put Away the White Flag

Just 24 hours ago, a number of liberals were talking of how socialized medicine was “just one aspect” of health care “reform.” Despite hopes that they might be ready to throw in the towel, they are back today saying they “misspoke” and that the media took them out of context. We must never let down our guard against these socialists.

The Key

Congress may or may not pass a socialized health care bill. Either way, they have only begun the re-making of America. Their agenda includes Cap-N-Trade, mandatory pre-K, paid volunteerism, the Fairness Doctrine by any other name, and of course the Key.