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Signs the Socialists May Be On the Run

The White House and Congress are beginning to say things that may indicate they are close to admitting defeat in their attempt to socialize health care. If this is true, the American people have scored a victory for having taken a strong, vocal stand in recent months. But the war to save our republic is far from over.

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Aug. 15, 2009

The best of the best at Dakota Voice last week including: Mysterious woman mouths the words as 11 year old asks question at Obama ‘town hall, Rep David Scott Corrects Unruly Serf on Health Care, Kenneth Gladney Launches Project Liberty Tour, A Look at Government Health Care: Go to the Reservation, Concerns over Govt Health Care are Totally Warranted, Senate Cmte Drops ‘End of Life’ Provision from Senate Health Care Bill, Rasmussen Poll: Large Majority of Americans Oppose Govt Health Care, Rep. Herseth Sandlin Holds Stealth Health Care Meeting and more.

Sending Our Children

What should your reaction be if your college-age son tells you he wants to join the Marine Corps? Especially if you are a Christian and want to see him serve God?