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Hoosiers should say ‘Bye, Bayh’ in 2010

I was thrilled when “Organizing for America” was able to assist me in scheduling a meeting at Sen. Evan Bayh’s (D-IN) Indianapolis office to discuss health care reform. The meeting however did not quite go as expected. It seems Organizing for America is not very organized and Bayh’s staff less than accomodating. But all was not lost as I ran into some OFA volunteers and paid an unannounced vist to my other senator’s office where things went much differently. If my experience is any indication Obama’s health care reform plans are DOA.

Poll: No Health Care Reform Better Than the Socialist Abyss

A new poll finds a majority of the American people are awake and have their thinking caps on: they’d rather do nothing than see the socialist takeover of health care the Democrats have planned for America.

Deceptive ‘Doctors’ and Scripted Support

It’s sad when an American president has to resort to scripted dog and pony shows in order to get people to believe that other people enjoy losing their freedom and watching their country go astray. Yet that is what we are seeing in the liberal fiction being spun in the public square.

Is This America’s Better History?

The Obama Administration’s response to the First Amendment in action does not reflect a choice for America’s “better history.” Indeed, when the government of the United States begins encouraging its political allies to snitch on detractors and critics, a history most definitely is being chosen… it’s just not an American one.

Democrats’ ‘Bait and Switch’

Six months into this Democrat administration, we find that Americans have been duped by a great bait and switch. We were sold promises of a sparkling new era, stripped down of ideology and influence peddling.What we have gotten is a hyper-ambitious government take over of our economy, driven by left wing ideology, carried out using the most cynical business-as-usual inside Washington influence peddling.