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Senator John Thune Responds to Citizens for Liberty Invitation

Senator John Thune has responded to Citizens for Liberty’s invitation to their August 22 Town Hall and Recess Rally.Unfortunately Senator Thune has a prior commitment and cannot make it. However Qusi Al-Haj, Thune’s West River Regional Director, will be representing him at the event. Citizens for Liberty hand-delivered a second invitation this morning to the Rapid…

Senate Cmte Drops ‘End of Life’ Provision from Senate Health Care Bill

Even though proponents of the government health care bill claimed there was nothing wrong with the “end of life” counseling section of the measure, the Senate Finance Committee voted yesterday to remove this provision from the Senate version. It remains in the House version, and could be reinserted in a reconciliation committee if the measure passes the House and Senate.

Abortion in the Health Care Bill? Absolutely TrueFalse

Can someone say something that is absolutely true…while giving an impression that is absolutely false? Some politicians are very adept at this “skill” and we see it employed daily when we are told by our elected representatives that the proposed socialized health care plan doesn’t provide taxpayer funded abortion.

Herseth Sandlin Chamber Luncheon: Public Was Never to be Invited

The story now is that Rep. Herseth Sandlin had contacted the Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Group Political Awareness Subcommittee wanting to speak to them. They normally make such opportunities open to the public, so they apparently assumed this occasion would be no different. What was misunderstood, however, is that Herseth Sandlin seems to have always wanted this event to be ONLY for the Young Professionals Group.

Cap and Trade Tax Could Cost 2 Million Jobs

A new study predicts the cap and trade global warming tax bill passed by the House and now before the Senate could cost 2 million jobs. We cannot afford such a measure which would only lower global temps by 9/100ths of one degree over 40 years, especially when the best evidence strongly indicates global warming is a natural, cyclic phenomenon.

UCLA Study: Homosexuals Seek Medical Treatment Twice as Often as Heterosexuals

UPI reports still another study, this one from UCLA, which finds homosexual behavior carries with it elevated health risks. The study found homosexuals were more than twice as likely to seek medical care than heterosexuals.

Red Carpet Rolled Out for Planned Parenthood in WH Health Care Meeting

The President of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, was invited to the White House recently for a special meeting regarding government health care. Socialists in Washington have been trying to get Americans to believe abortion won’t be included in health care reform on the taxpayer’s dime, but this and other revelations show such claims to be false.