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Rep. Herseth Sandlin Rescinds Public Invitation to Luncheon

The Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals Group Political Awareness Subcommittee recently announced that Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin would be speaking at a luncheon, and that tickets were available for both members and non-members. This afternoon, however, it was announced that Rep. Herseth had requested the luncheon be limited to members only.

Public Dissent About to Receive a Facelift

Leftist politicians and “mainstream” media personnel have demonized Americans for speaking out in favor of the Constitution and freedom at heath care town halls. But the radical group is mobilizing to defend socialism at these meetings, so you can expect dissent to suddenly become more respectable again.

Govt Health Care: More of the Same Bad Medicine

Alan B. Miller’s company ran a hospital in London, and at the Wall Street Journal he tells us from his perspective why socialized medicine is a bad, bad idea.

Town Hall Meetings and ‘Right Wing Extremists’

Many in our own government are displaying the ultimate contempt toward the American people by labeling patriotic Americans as “extremists.”

KOTA Reports on CFL Health Care Forum

KOTA was one of several media outlets that covered the Citizens for Liberty press conference yesterday on the upcoming health care “Recess Rally.” Citizens for Liberty has already sent invitations to every South Dakota legislator in the West River area, both Democrat and Republican. Invitations have also been sent to Senator John Thune, Senator Tim Johnson and Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Dem Congresswoman Admits ObamaCare Covers Elective Abortions

President Obama and other advocates of the government takeover of health care claim abortion is not covered in their health care plan. But a congresswoman from California has let the cat out of the bag and admitted that abortion WILL be covered by the taxpayers. The Capps Amendment to HR 3200 specifically authorizes getting around the Hyde Amendment and requires abortion coverage across the country.