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Rasmussen Poll: Large Majority of Americans Oppose Govt Health Care

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll finds that, despite the bull being peddled by President Obama and his liberal minions on television and at town halls across America, the American people get it: 57% oppose single-payer health care and only 32% support it. Fifty-two percent also believe such a system will diminish quality.

Congressman to Check Papers of Town Hall Attenders

Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) will hold town hall meetings this August recess, but he says he will require his serfs, er, constituents to show their identification papers before they will be allowed an audience with His Lordship. This will send the exact opposite of the message liberals want to portray right now.

Analysis: Press Treats Protests Differently Under Bush, Obama Administrations

In a stunning new analysis, we find that the “mainstream” media is treating protests during the Bush Administration differently than those during the Obama Administration. When anti-American malcontents tried to undermine our wartime president and lend aid and comfort to America’s enemies, that was “patriotic.” Now, standing against assaults on the U.S. Constitution and American freedom are “scare tactics” by “astroturf mobs.” Surprised?

Mysterious woman mouths the words as 11 year old asks question at Obama ‘town hall’

You may have heard about the little girl who asked a softball question at President Obama’s health care town hall yesterday, and how her mother is a big Obama donor. But a rare video clip seems to show a blonde woman just below and to the left of the girl who seems to be mouthing the words little Julia is speaking. Is this more smoke and mirrors from Obama’s “unscripted” health care drama?

Rep. Herseth Sandlin Holds Stealth Health Care Meeting

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin spoke at the Midwest Rural Assembly in Sioux Falls yesterday, but this event didn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar. Herseth essentially said she doesn’t support current efforts to socialize health care in America. She should publicize her speaking engagements since she apparently seems to be on the side of the American people in this one. She could be a rare congress-person to be greeted with cheers instead of jeers.

Sustainability: A Good Intention?

Clark M. Jones of Citizens for Liberty continues his series on “sustainability.” In this installment, Jones continues to look at the origins of the sustainability movement and examines whether the effort is based on good intentions…or something more dangerous.

Obama Town Hall: As Unscripted as a Broadway Production

President Obama’s health care town hall meeting yesterday was remarkably calm and quiet compared to ones held by other Democrats recently. Was the event tightly controlled and scripted? At least one registered Democrat thinks so.

Citizens for Liberty Press Conference Today

Citizens for Liberty and a number of Rapid City/West River legislators have called a press conference today to call for open and public discussion of health care reform. Citizens for Liberty and area legislators are organizing a “Recess Rally” on Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 1:00 pm at the Veteran’s Memorial in Memorial Park, Rapid City.

Rep. Herseth to Speak in Rapid City

The Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals Group Political Awareness Subcommittee is hosting a luncheon with special guest U.S. Representative Herseth Sandlin. The luncheon will be from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm on Wednesday, August 26 at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. Herseth Sandlin will provide a legislative update from Capitol Hill.

Kenneth Gladney Launches Project Liberty Tour

Kenneth Gladney, the man injured by union thugs at a recent health care town hall meeting, is launching a tour promoting a new educational tour on individual rights called “Project Liberty.”