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Senator Thune and Other Senators Oppose Fat Cat Jet Spending Spree

Liberals in congress tell us the American people must tighten their belts. Liberals in congress tell private businesses they must tighten their belts. But when it comes to what liberals believe our government should do, it’s time to…buy a bigger pair of pants!

A Look at Government Health Care: Go to the Reservation

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds points to another example of why we don’t want to force government health care on America: Indian Health Service. One look at the government’s track record for running health care should scare any sane American away from expanding this abomination to all Americans.

Preventative Health Care Savings? Don’t Count on It

One of the selling points for the government takeover of health care is the idea that preventative care can save money. However, CBO Director Douglas W. Elmendorf’s assessment finds that–like most of what liberals are saying to sell socialized medicine–it will actually end up costing the taxpayers more.

Michigan Voters Aren’t Buying Govt Health Care Lies

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) tried to peddle government health care lies in Romulus, Michigan, but the people weren’t having it. The socialists running our country have turned up the heat on the boiling frog too quickly, and now the American people are alerted to the dangers posed by this government takeover of health care. And they won’t stand for it.

The Rise of the Obama Police State–An Early Demonstration?

While liberals whine about “un-American” speech by Americans angry over the unconstitutional government takeover of health care, the Left is busy gearing up the thuggery by unions and ACORN nuts to ensure dissent is truly silenced.

Criminal Charges for School Officials Who Prayed

We have apparently reached the day when school officials are criminally prosecuted for a prayer over a meal in America–a nation founded by Christians on Christian principles. Two Pace High School administrators are facing criminal contempt charges over a prayer offered at a luncheon.

Concerns over Govt Health Care are Totally Warranted

In addition to huge costs and loss of freedom, there are plenty of other reasons to fear the proposed government takeover of health care. The groundwork for government-promoted euthanasia is laid in HR 3200, and the previous comments and policy positions of those pushing this bill leave no reasonable doubt that they measure human life in terms of utility and maintenance cost.

Obama & Friends: As the Propaganda Flows the Road Gets Slicker than Slime

Instead of the transparency promised by Barack Obama, we are getting propaganda and slime, making the road to change a slippery proposition. This lack of transparency undermines support for Obama’s health care plan more than his opponents.