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Brit MEP warns of dangers of socialized medicine

Member of the European Union Parliament Mr. Daniel Hannan spoke with Glenn Beck about the National Health Service in Britain and had some amazing facts and dire warnings for Americans as we debate whether America will go the way of the social democracies of Europe or adhere to the Constitutional principles that have brought us the greatest freedom and prosperity the world has ever known.

Plus, a few comments about infant mortality and life expectancy.

Fishing at the White House

President Obama wants Americans to snitch on other Americans who don’t acquiesce to his attempt to socialize health care in our country. He wants to know about any “fishy” emails you might get on health care. Stuart Shepard share an e-mail he received that fits that description.

How to Make Your Voice Heard in the Public Square

Stuart Shepard and Ashley Horne from Focus Action provide some tips for engaging your elected representatives (if they show their faces) during the August congressional resources.

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Aug. 8, 2009

These are the best of the best from a great week at Dakota Voice. A look back includes: an interview with the man assaulted by union thugs, town hall chaos, your taxpayer dollars up in smoke in Cash for Clunkers, encountering raw patriotism, Health Secretary Sebelius tells union thugs ‘Keep doing what you’re doing,’ video of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s fall, Florida considers rejecting federal health care scheme, and who should pay for the exercise of your rights?

Tom Harkin Encounters More Freedom-Loving Americans

Senator Tom Harkin, Rep. Steve Cohen and Rep. Ed Perlmutter were among the latest politicians to learn that the American people are not about to surrender their freedoms to socialism without a fight.

The Kingdom: Serving the World, Loving Others

The gospel of Jesus Christ is personal and it is every person’s only path to redemption. But it is more: the announcement of God’s in-breaking reign, seeking to set right what sin has set wrong, to alleviate suffering, to enact justice and to liberate the oppressed.