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Cost of Obama Health Care is a Time Bomb

Senior WSJ Editorial Page Writer Joe Rago talks to Stuart Varney about how the cost of Obama care is set to explode–above the already $1 trillion+ cost–in about 10 years. A middle class tax increase will be absolutely unavoidable…if it takes that long.

Ronaldo Magnus on Socialized Medicine

Reagan saw the threat of socialized medicine back in 1961. His words are particularly relevant to the discussion that inflames the passions of so many Americans today. Nationalized health care, whatever we call it, is a means not an end. Once those that would enslave us have that power, the rest of our rights and freedoms are in jeopardy. Every human activity can be claimed to impact our health and thus be regulated by the government.

Obama Admin Should Look in Mirror to Chastise ‘Disinformation’

Who should we believe on the government takeover of health care? Obama, or…Obama? The wise person believes the “Obama” that lines up with the rest of his socialist policies and inclinations.

Rep David Scott Corrects Unruly Serf on Health Care

Rep. David Scott (D-GA) has a new approach for dealing with ungrateful serfs who won’t quietly acquiesce to government health care: insult and misrepresent them. Only the media did it’s job and confirmed that Scott was wrong on all counts about his constituent.

CNN Confirms: Govt Health Care Sends Your Freedom Packing

Shawn Tully at CNN confirms what everyone outside the “mainstream” media has been saying: kiss several coveted health care freedoms goodbye if the socialists in Washington succeed in forcing government health care on America. These include the freedom to choose coverage, freedom to obtain rewards for healthy living, choice of cheaper plans, the choice to keep your existing plan, and the freedom to choose your own doctors.

Seniors Left Behind?

As we have seen in every other socialized health care scheme around the world, rationing–either direct or indirect–always results from government “management” of health care. What will that mean for American seniors? In the dollars and cents budgeting world of government, how much is a human life worth? Especially when that human life is nearing the end of its average expected lifespan? Are socialist values compatible at all with American values?

Republican Gets Earful of Govt Health Care Opposition

Rep Bob Inglis (R-SC) got an earful from angry citizens upset over the proposed government takeover of the health care industry. Americans across the country are reading, listening, thinking, and are taking action to preserve their heritage of American freedom.

Brooks Brothers: Sharp Dressed Political Activists

Americans for Prosperity blows the lid off the liberal “Brooks Brothers” health care protester slur.