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Health Secretary Sebelius Tells Union Thugs: ‘Keep doing what you’re doing’

President Obama’s Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius must be happy with the job the SEIU union thugs did on Kenneth Gladney in St. Louis last night because she held a conference call with SEIU members this afternoon, telling them, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” Surely she knew about the beating perpetrated by SEIU members last night…

Interview with Kenneth Gladney, Man Assaulted by Union Thugs at Town Hall

An interview with Kenneth Gladney, the man assaulted by union thugs at a St. Louis health care town hall meeting last night. Ken talks about how the incident started, the racial slurs used against him by the union heavy, and how he was hit in the face and kicked by several union members.

Tampa Town Hall Gone Wild

In addition to St. Louis, Tampa Florida saw some rowdiness at a health care town hall last night. Democrat State Rep. Betty Reed and U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL) came to Tampa to peddle socialism, but these patriots weren’t interested in buying any of it.

Chaos at Carnahan Town Hall

Union thugs came out to defend the socialist takeover of healthcare in America last night. They hurled racial slurs at a black conservative and assaulted him. Many people were turned away at the door, while others–who looked like union people–were allowed in. Still, inside the town hall meeting in St. Louis, Rep. Russell Carnahan heard from Americans who will not stand for their freedom being robbed by the government.

Doctors Speaking Out Against Socialized Health Care

The American people have been speaking out for the past couple of weeks against the government takeover of health care, and now doctors are joining them. In Texas yesterday doctors showed up at a town hall meeting to tell elitist politicians “No!” to socialized medicine.

A Little Rebellion Now and Then Is a Good Thing

Our president is not only trying to shut down political dissent, he is actively soliciting Americans to “snitch” on other Americans for denouncing his unconstitutional takeover of health care and our freedoms. Thomas Jefferson, who helped launch a rebellion against a government oppressing the American people over 200 years ago, said, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing…a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

White House Sends Senators Out onto the Firing Line

Obama and his White House staff have the luxury of remaining cloistered inside the Beltway during the August congressional recess, but they’re sending senators and congressmen out to the battlefields of the town hall meetings. Will any come back with their hides intact?