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The People Hold Congress Accountable for Bad Government

As we have seen in recent weeks, patriots continue to confront socialist officials from our government at town hall meetings to hold them accountable for the wasteful, disingenuous, unconstitutional programs like government health care they try to force on the American people. Keep it up, patriots!

Through the Smoke and Mirrors: Liberals Admit Govt Takeover of Health Care

President Obama and other liberals are trying to make Americans believe the current health care plan isn’t a move toward government health care, but their previous comments indicate that is exactly what they intend to happen: socialized health care.

Who Should Pay for the Exercise of Your Rights?

Are other Americans obligated to pay for your access to your rights? For instance, should other Americans be forced to buy you a gun to fulfill your Second Amendment right, or buy you a newspaper to fulfill your First Amendment right? Are other Americans obligated to pay for a theoretical “right” to “free” health care?

The American Dream vs. Sustainability

We are beginning to hear a lot about “sustainability” lately, especially in the Rapid City area. But what is it? It sounds innocuous enough, doesn’t it? Or does it carry with it something more costly and burdensome than we are led to believe? Could it be something we’ve already heard, just re-packaged to sound more non-threatening?

‘A Teaching Moment’ – I Think I’ve Got It, Professor

Is a high arrest rate in the black American community a sign of racism…or simply a sign of high crime in the community? Could some of the problems in the black community be due to a refusal by some to accept responsibility for their actions?