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Michelle Malkin on the Culture of Corruption

A video interview with Michelle Malkin on her new best-seller “Culture of Corruption.” She talks about the dark reality behind the smiling polished media image of First Lady Michelle Obama, Chicago-style politics comes to the White House, union paybacks at the taxpayer’s expense, and American reaction to the new culture of “change” to corruption.

Iowa School District Re-Examines Religious Liberty Policy

School officials in Spencer, Iowa, are putting the brakes on a proposed “religious liberty” policy that would allow students to critique Darwinism and study the Bible, among other things. Protests and criticism from nonreligious groups and advocates have led officials to reconsider implementing the policy.

Fight for Life Moves to Nebraska

Years after protesting late-term abortions at the late George Tiller’s now closed clinic in Wichita, Kan., a pro-life group has moved its efforts to Bellevue, Neb. There, Dr. LeRoy Carhart remains one of the few doctors willing to perform abortions late into pregnancy.

Judge Considers ‘Rigid Faith’ Grounds to Order Girl into Public School

Amanda Kurowski is a 10-year-old homeschooled girl who performs well academically and is socially well-adjusted. But her strong Christian beliefs were reason enough for a New Hampshire court to order her out of homeschooling and into a public school.

The Brainwashing of an Unsuspecting People: Continuing to Deny Death Panels

The headlines are amazing, as the denial continues on, suggesting that any claim of a death panel is a myth created by either lying right-wingers or lying special interest groups. No matter that there are already panels in the United States calling the shots over life and death.

Senator John Thune Presentation on Debt Projections

Video from the introductory presentation during Senator John Thune’s town hall meeting at the Surbeck Center on the campus of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, August 28, 2009. Before the question and answer segment, Thune shows a slide presentation on the current debt and projections for the U.S. The projections are astonishing.

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending August 29, 2009

The best of the best at Dakota Voice last week, including: Judge: Abortionists Must Tell Women Abortion Terminates a Human Life; Judge Orders Homeschooler into Public School for Being Too Religious; Hardball’s Chris Matthews Plays Hard to Get; The VA’s Death Book a Model for Obamacare; Marine Takes Oath Seriously, Why Don’t Congressmen?; Church Drops ‘Lutheran’ From Name after Pro-Homosexual Vote; Senate Wants Presidential Control of the Internet; and more.

Senator Thune Town Hall – Should We Kill the Health Care Bill?

A question asked at Senator John Thune’s recent town hall meeting in Rapid City: It has become clear that the value of human life will be measured by a formula, and taxpayer funded abortion will be included in the government health care plan. “Senator, wouldn’t it be better just to kill this bill and start over again with a different congress?”

Discipleship is Evangelism

Where discipleship precedes conversion it is evangelism; where it follows conversion it serves sanctification. The man or woman moved by God will receive this instruction, becoming a follower of Christ, whereas the natural man will reject these things. We don’t convert people through arguments or persuasion; Christ alone receives credit for the conversion of human souls.

Senator Thune Town Hall: Health Care Penalties for Noncompliance

Video of questions at Senator John Thune’s town hall meeting in Rapid City yesterday: if this bill passes, and there is a revolt by the doctors and taxpayers and they refuse to live under this bill, what retribution will the government take?

Senator Thune Town Hall – Video of Question on Congressional Health Care

Video of questions at Senator John Thune’s town hall meeting in Rapid City yesterday: “What will we do about 47 million Americans who can’t afford health care?” and “Why can’t the American people have the health plan you [Senator Thune] have?”

Homeschooling Report Dispels Many Education Myths

The 2009 Progress Report on homeschool academic achievement is out, and it finds that homeschooled students out-perform their public school counterparts by 34-39 percentile points…while only spending 6% of what the taxpayers spend on public school students.

Something’s Got To Give

Instead of blindly following America’s Pied Piper into a maelstrom of insolvency, mismanagement, and corruption, the time has come for us to take a chance on ourselves again. Ask anyone who has ever saved up to buy a car or a home or to fund their child’s education–without taking out a loan–and they will tell you that taking ownership over one’s own life and future yields returns that are far more valuable than any entitlement check from the government.

A time for truth on abortion

Are we a people that see the unborn, family, and individuals as all part of the fundamental fabric of life? Or are we a materialistic, secular nation of individuals making political claims on each other?

Senate Wants Presidential Control of the Internet

When control of the banking industry isn’t enough, and control of the auto industry isn’t enough, and control of the energy industry isn’t enough, and even control of the health care industry isn’t enough…where’s a power-addicted socialists supposed to turn? How about the internet? So says a Senate bill to give the president power to shut down the internet…and the “New Media” that’s a thorn in his side?

Senator Thune Town Hall Meeting in Rapid City

Senator John Thune (R-SD) held a town hall meeting at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology today, giving a presentation on U.S. debt projections and taking questions from the audience. Questions dealt mostly with aspects of government health care (cost, illegal aliens, abortion, access, etc.) but with some others on cap and trade and other issues.

Media Lapdogs Won’t Air Ad Critical of Govt Health Care

While ABC was more than willing to provide President Barack Obama with an infomercial from inside the White House a few months ago, we now learn that ABC (All Barack Channel) and NBC (Nothing but Barack Channel) have refused to run a national ad that highlights critical “holes” in the president’s attempt to take over the health care industry.

Study: Govt Health Care a Job Killer

As if you needed another reason to oppose this flea-bitten dog of a program known as “the public option,” a new report finds it will be a job-killer with it’s employer mandates.

ObamaCare Prescription for Seniors

This illustration of one of the more troubling aspects of government health care comes to Dakota Voice courtesy of Matt Barber and the Liberty Counsel.

Census Bureau Data: Abstinence Education Reduces Teen Abortion Rate features a compelling and telling graph of data from the Population Division of the U.S. Census Bureau. It shows that states which rejected abstinence-only funds had higher teen abortion rates than states that accepted the funds. From the post: For teen girls under the age of 15 years old, from 2001 – 2005, […]

Faith-Based Coalition Works to Stop Govt Health Care

A coalition of some of the nation’s largest conservative, faith-based groups say they plan to “stop” Congress from rushing to pass the health care bill, objecting to what they see as lack of protection for human life in the current bill.

Judge Declares Dependence on God Unconstitutional

A Kentucky law requiring the state Office of Homeland Security to stress “dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth” was struck down as unconstitutional on Wednesday, even though the Kentucky Constitution itself says, “We, the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties we enjoy…”

Artists summoned by Chancellery for national service

The “state run media” and liberal blogs were aghast a few weeks ago when Rush Limbaugh took the time to point out that the acronym NAZI is short for National Socialism (Nationalsozialismus), a political and economic movement lead by Adolf Hitler; and that a head to head comparison of Nazi beliefs and actions matched best with the modern American Democrat Party. For years commentators and authors have alluded to the Nazi movement as “right wing“ and to the average American…

Rep Jim Moran Has ID Check of Constituent at Town Hall

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) demanded to see the ID of a constituent before he would allow the constituent to ask a question. Apparently he finds it so unfathomable that someone could possibly oppose the most benevolent Government god’s bestowal of the blessing of government health care that he believes his constituent is a plant.

Judge Orders Homeschooler into Public School for Being Too Religious

A New Hampshire judge finds no problem academically with a homeschooled child, but considers the child too religious and lacking some youthful characteristics. Based on the judge’s published opinion, these “youthful characteristics” the child lacks seem to be “moral ambiguity,” “immaturity,” “ethical confusion,” and “uncertainty.” This unconstitutional decision is offensive to American principles on a number of levels.