Presidential Science Advisor Wants to Reverse American Development

Slum homes in Jakarta (Credit: Jonathan McIntosh)

Slum homes in Jakarta (Credit: Jonathan McIntosh) CLICK TO ENLARGE

The bad news just keeps coming about President Barack Obama’s “science czar” John Holdren.

I first pointed out a few weeks ago that Holdren is an anti-American of the first order who fits in well with the rest of the anti-American anti-life radicals President Obama has appointed to his administration.  He is a Malthusian population-control advocate, environmental extremist and global-warming enthusiast.

Yesterday it came to light that Holdren doesn’t even think young children are human beings yet; apparently they only become human once they reach adulthood.  This takes “pro-choice” drivel about “we don’t know when human life begins” to stunning new heights.

Today CNS News reports that Holdren wants to “de-develop” the United States, taking us from the most advanced and prosperous nation in the world to Third World mediocrity and squalor.

“A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States,” Holdren wrote in a 1973 book he co-authored with Paul R. Ehrlch and Anne H. Ehrlich. “De-development means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation.”

In the vision expressed by Holdren and his co-authors, the Ehrlichs, the need for “de-development” of the United States demanded a redistribution of wealth.

Poor children in El Salvador (Credit:  Amy Lopez)

Poor children in El Salvador (Credit: Amy Lopez) CLICK TO ENLARGE

As we see, radical environmentalism, Malthusian population control and Marxism are all members of the same corrupt family.  In fact, when Soviet communism collapsed, a great many of out-of-work Marxists moved over to the environmentalist movement to push their ideas.  Both are political movements, both care little about the welfare of average people, both are anti-freedom, both are anti-capitalist, and so environmentalism is the perfect new vehicle to push Marxist wealth redistribution.

Part of their strategy to pull the wool over the eyes of the free people of America is to paint broad extremist pictures of any negative aspect of modern life and blow it out of proportion.  In tandem with that imagery comes the idealization and sugar-coating of “a simpler life,” a path more in harmony with nature, et al.

In a chapter entitled “Rich Nations, Poor Nations, and International Conflict,” Holdren and the Ehrlichs wrote: “The most critical change of all must be a change in goals; all people, rich and poor alike, must come to recognize that being a citizen of a giant, smoggy, freeway-strangled industrial state is not necessary to being a happy, healthy, fulfilled human being.”

According to the authors, developed countries should not “train their own people to think of the power lawn mower and automatic icemaker as the finest achievements of humanity.”

“It is therefore apparent,” they said, “that one key to saving world society lies in a measured and orderly retreat from overdevelopment in today’s ODCs (overdeveloped countries)–a process we will label, for want of a better word, de-development.”

Poverty in Columbia (Credit: Luis Pérez)

Poverty in Columbia (Credit: Luis Pérez) CLICK TO ENLARGE

One need only look at any of the various under-developed countries around the world to see how wonderful and easy their lifestyles are…and realize Holdren is either out of his mind or wants to perpetrate a massive elitists fraud against American citizens.

Having studied the thought processes and observed the behavior of liberal elitists for decades, I think the latter is true. Just like the pigs in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” liberal elitists like Holdren and his master Barack Obama love to deny equal access and equal opportunity to “the little people” to ensure they get full and unfettered access to the very best. Every Marxist society around the world and throughout history has operated this way, with the elites enjoying the best while the average citizen waits in line for bread.

Just recently I noted from my review of The Great Global Warming Swindle a quote from Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore who said:

“I think one of the most pernicious aspects of the modern environmental movement is this romanticization of peasant life, and the idea that industrial societies are the destroyers of the world.”

This is absolutely true, and if one is observant one will see it played out over and over and over and over and over and over and overt from the environmentalists and other liberal elites…as long as they don’t have to live under those “romanticized” conditions.

Everywhere in the world the truth replays itself, both affirmatively and negatively. The more personal and economic freedom a society has, the more prosperous, health and clean that nation is.   The less personal and economic freedom a society has, the more poverty, disease, dirtiness and squalor we see.

Peeling away the Marxist Utopian veneer of romanticism, this is what John P. Holdren wants for America.

In electing Barack Obama to the presidency, we have brought the most anti-American ideas into the White House this nation has ever seen.  The ideas promoted by President Obama and so many of his staff are hostile to our freedom, our Constitution, our way of life, to life and prosperity itself.

As a nation we have for some time dismissed the importance of transcendent moral values; we have insisted there is no connection between moral choices and “real world” outcomes. As long as our wallets, our prosperity, our distractions and creature-comforts weren’t affected, we didn’t give a damn if our country sank into a moral cesspool.

We are on the verge of seeing the “real world” tragic consequences of allowing our culture to go adrift from solid moral principles, and we may not survive the lesson as a nation.

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  1. OK… this guy supposedly represents “science” and yet he buys the man-made global warming myth and doesn't know that a child is human from conception? Talk about an inmate running the asylum.