Govt Health Care Plan Full of Poison

j0400628The government health care theft plan, er, health care plan continues to add immoral provisions.

  • -It robs Americans of their freedom
  • -It forces the American people into their socialist plan while the elites like President Obama can seek the best health care for themselves and their families
  • -It proposes to send vaccination squads to your house to harass you about vaccinating your children, taking away still more of your freedom and dignity
  • -It leaves the door open to health care rationing
  • -It promotes and provides taxpayer-funded abortion

And now we find that it promotes homosexual behavior and the legitimization of homosexual behavior.


“The provisions added to the Chairman’s mark would eliminate the added tax burden incurred by same-sex partners, as well as other non-spouse, non-dependent beneficiaries who are offered employer health benefits,” Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese wrote to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., in a letter of support.

Expanding tax benefits to same-sex partners of covered employees – as well as opposite-sex domestic partners or adult children of employees – is estimated to cost the government $4 billion over the next 10 years.

It also promotes shacking up since it extends health care benefits to live-in heterosexual sex partners.  With marriage already taking it on the chin at every turn, that’s all we need: still more reason for people to avoid commitment and sexual responsibility.

Furthermore, it promotes still more sloth and dependence by extending insurance benefits to adult children.  It’s hard enough to get some “children” out of the house already; what will it take if we give them a “But I’ll die without health care, Daddy!” card to play?

Could you call this government health care proposal an abomination?  It would be an apt description in any country, since it elevates immoral and irresponsible behavior while discouraging responsibility.

But to see this kind of proposal in a free nation founded on transcendent moral values and personal responsibility…”abomination” somehow just doesn’t seem strong enough.

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