Govt Health Care Bill: The Devil in the Details

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

When the gargantuan porkulus (aka “stimulus”) bill came out several months ago, we didn’t find out until later all the pork, welfare expansion and other garbage that was in the bill.

The same thing happened with the 1,400+ page cap and trade global warming tax bill passed by the House a few weeks ago.

But progress on the socialized health care bill has been slow enough that some diligent people and groups are able to dig around in the 1,000+ page bill to find out what it contains.

In addition to taxpayer funding for abortion and the beginning of the end for free market health care, the Economic Policy Journal has cataloged a list of offensive bilge in the bill, including:

  • Page 22, an audit of all employers that self-insure
  • Page 29, a little rationing to make life interesting
  • Page 30 Section 123, creation of a government committee to decide what benefits and treatments you, their serf, can receive
  • Page 50 Section 152, seems to open the door to “free” government health care (that the taxpayers pay for) for illegal aliens
  • Page 58, authorization to meddle in your financial records
  • Page 59, electronic funds transfers (to get your cash if you don’t cough it up quick enough?)
  • Page 102, automatically enroll Medicaid-eligible people whether they like it or not
  • Page 127, set salaries for doctors
  • Page 145, companies must auto-enroll employees
  • Page 146, companies must pay for health care for part-time employees
  • Page 167, if you don’t want to play and are found with out health care coverage, their lordships will fine you 2.5% of your adjusted gross income for the taxable year
  • Page 170, nonresident aliens get a free pass on the last item
  • Page 241, specialist physicians get paid the same as everyone else (thank you, Karl)
  • Page 317, prohibits hospitals from expanding
  • Page 425, proscribes end-of-life services (getting read to get grandpa out of the way?)
  • Page 430, criteria for cutting off grandpa’s care and getting him out of the way

There are many more listed at the Economic Policy Journal, but these are just a few of the more interesting ones.

Even if you’re skeptical about about all the poison in this proposal, if only 1/3 of it made it into law, that would be enough to do grave damage to our way of life as free Americans.

We must stop this assault on our freedom and the American way of life NOW.

6 Responses to “Govt Health Care Bill: The Devil in the Details”

  1. I think that Obama has a serious problem. He has no idea what he is doing. He said in that news confrence last week, that he is an example of how far this nation has come as far as race issues are concerned. Thats not even true. Most of the people that voted for him were first time voters voting for him JUST BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. This health care bill proves he hasn't got a clue what is going on in this nation. Yes some parts of the medical world are out of control and need some new guidelines to abide by, BUT, LOOK WHO THEY LEARNED THEIR SELFISH, GREEDY PRACTICES FROM…..YOU, THE GOVERNMENT. Telling people what Dr. they can see when and when they can have a surgery is stupid. Whats next, are we all going to have to ask to go to the bathroom or when we can sneeze? People don't choose when they get sick. And people don't choose when they die. Only God, the one and only God in heaven above has control of that and for this bill to contain “end of life” section is totally ludicrous. This makes me think that Obama is like a turtle sitting on a fence post, no idea how he got up there, no idea what to do since he is up there and no idea how to get down from there and certanly no idea how to make the situation any better, all four legs hanging out just floppin in the wind. Would some one please get Obama off of the fence post?