American Patriots Publicly Challenging Peddlers of Socialism

2009-07-22 06.25.34All around us we are starting to see a silver lining from metamorphosis of our American government into the ultra-Leftist organization it has become: Americans are shaking off their lethargy.

Americans are by and large a trusting lot.  We simply want the freedom to live our own lives as we choose, and we naturally expect others to share those values and respect our right of self determination.

Liberals, socialists and other Leftists do not share these views, but it has been difficult for busy, trusting Americans to face this reality.

Yet in the past six months, our Leftist government has pushed so far so fast that even trusting, inactive-for-years Americans are waking up to the realization that if they don’t stand up for their own freedom and their country, no one will.

We have seen this awakening in the past few months in the Tea Party movement, and we are beginning to see it in many places from individual Americans.

Yesterday I noted the courageous stand taken by Robert Broadus in Maryland against the intrusive, un-American socialized health care plan liberals want to force on the American people.   Other people are challenging these assaults on our freedom as well.

In the first video below, Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius visited Reserve, Louisiana to peddle government health care to the ignorant masses…only she found the masses weren’t as ignorant as they were once believed to be.

Glenn Ellerbee was in the town hall audience and told her, “It’ll be a cold day in Hell before he [Obama] socialized my country.”  This was greeted with enthusiastic applause and screams of approval. (Seems we have more than a few patriots in Reserve, Louisiana!)

In the second video below, Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO) was peddling the abomination of socialized medicine at another town hall meeting where he was jeered and mocked.

Apparently there were too many informed patriots at this meeting as well to buy claims of “savings and efficiencies” in a government health care system.  They found claims of a “$6 billion surplus” pretty hilarious, too.  Carnahan was later asked, “If it’s so good, why doesn’t congress have to be on it?” This question was met with hearty approval from the crowd.  It’s a good one: why does congress exempt itself from what it forces on the American people?

Despite the dangers facing our nation from oppressive government and un-American leaders, I can say without reservation that these are thrilling times to be an American.  Perhaps not since colonial days have we seen such burning passion against oppression and government interference, and not since then have we seen the American people so on fire to preserve and reclaim their freedoms!

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