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Paper Urges Strengthening of Institution of Marriage

A new paper from the Institute on Religion and Democracy urges Christians to call on both church and society to strengthen the vitally important institution of marriage. While marriage is definitely under attack, there are positive signs and the battle for marriage is far from over.

Presidential Science Advisor Wants to Reverse American Development

The bad news about John Holdren, President Obama’s science czar, just keeps coming. In addition to being into population control and not seeing young children as real human beings, Holdren is an advocate of “de-developing” the United States, a code-phrase for undermining our modern industrial base and our standard of living. One need only look at Third World countries to see what Holdren envisions for America.

Obama Science Advisor: Newborn Baby Not Yet a Human Being

President Obama’s “science czar” John Holdren believes that even several years after birth, children aren’t yet human beings. This certainly takes “the right to choose” to new and ghoulish heights. What other dark surprises await the American people from the Obama administration?

Govt Health Care: Lessons from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts

We need not even look around the world at the many examples of the failures of socialism and socialized medicine. We have an example in Massachusetts that teaches the same lessons, but with one additional nugget of wisdom: contrary to what American liberals think, Americans aren’t smart enough to beat the socialist losing streak. No amount of money thrown at a bad idea will ever make it “smart,” either.

Another Study Finds Abortion, Breast Cancer Link

Though abortion activists continue to deny it, several studies have found a compelling link between abortion and increased risk of breast cancer. The latest study conducted by Dr. Vahit Ozmen of Turkey finds a 66% increase in breast cancer risk. Isn’t it time we faced the truth about all the risks of abortion?

Doctor from Mexican Govt Health Care System Warns of Pitfalls

A doctor from Mexico who lives under that country’s socialized health care system and has trained in government health care systems in other countries warns the U.S. about making the same mistake as other countries.

Homosexual Activists Debate Push Against Proposition 8 in 2010

Homosexual activists are trying to decide whether to take homosexual “marriage” back to the ballot box in 2010 after their sound defeat with Proposition 8, or whether they should wait until 2012 in the hopes society’s moral fabric may deteriorate enough by then.