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Study: Role of Homosexual Behavior Ignored in African AIDS Problem

AIDS is disproportionately transmitted through homosexual behavior in the United States, but AIDS activists have long claimed that it is primarily heterosexual in Africa. A new study published in The Lancet now finds that in many African countries, the homosexual AIDS transmission rate is 10x that of heterosexuals.

More on the McCaskill Staff Finger Flipping Incident

Last week it was reported that a staffer from Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill’s St. Louis office had flipped off some health care Tea party protesters. McCaskill says she has investigated and found that the flipper actually worked in an ad firm that works in the same building above her office.

Socialist Feels the Heat at Health Care Town Hall

Apparently there are a few people left in the United States who know what it means to be an American. Robert Broadus of Maryland took socialist Senator Ben Cardin to task for treating him like a serf. Are you an American of Robert Broadus’ caliber?

Dems Refuse to Pledge to Read Bills Before Signing

“Let Freedom Ring” has appealed to all 535 senators and congressmen to sign a pledge not to vote for a health care bill without having read it first. Yet only 73 have made that pledge, most of them Republicans. Since when is it too much to ask an elected representative of the people to read legislation before voting it into law imposed on the people?

Mayo Clinic Condemns Socialized Medicine Plan

Many in the medical community have sold out to the socialized medicine push in hopes of securing scraps from the table, but not the Mayo Clinic. The renowned hospital says “The real losers will be the citizens of the United States.”

Christian Doctor Removed from Adoption Panel for Not Endorsing Homosexual Adoptions

A Christian doctor in England was removed from an adoption panel because she refused to endorse applications by gay couples. Men and women, she explains, bring different characteristics to parenting. But there is apparently no longer any room in our PC world to put children’s welfare first.

The Great Global Warming Swindle, Part 2

Part 2 of The Global Warming Swindle, a devastating rebuttal of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” propaganda. Highlights: The “Little Ice Age” two hundred years ago, warmer periods in earth’s past, incongruity of temperatures with human activity and CO2 production.

Video: Health Care Presentation at Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party

Videos of Dr. Don Van Etten on socialized health care at the Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party.

Candy Dish Lessons on Socialized Medicine

The simple “candy dish principles” can teach us that socialism is a flawed philosophy. Why do we kid ourselves that it can work for important things? Maybe because we aren’t the ones who keep the dish supplied, but are the ones who like to raid the candy dish?