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CDC says Flu vaccine not for the elderly–Dr. Emanuel concurs

Socialized medicine isn’t even officially in place yet in America and already the CDC is implementing rationing, leaving the elderly at the back of the line for treatment.

Herseth Sandlin Votes NO to More Cash for Clunkers

While U.S. House Democrats succeeded in bilking the taxpayers for another $2 billion for their “Cash for Clunkers” program, 14 Democrats voted against this ripoff. South Dakota’s Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin was among them.

U.S. House Subcommittee Approves Taxpayer-Funded Homosexual Partner Benefits

The U.S. House Subcommittee on the Federal Workforce, Postal Service and the District of Columbia voted yesterday to provide taxpayer-funded health care benefits to partners of homosexual government employees. The bill provides marriage-like benefits to homosexuals, even though the federal Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as “exclusively between one man and one woman.”

Murderer Briley Piper’s Death Sentence Overturned

The South Dakota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the judge in Briley Piper’s conviction for the murder of Chester Allan Poage did not properly explain that a jury would have to unanimously agree to sentence him to the death penalty. Yet according to the verbatim transcript included in the Supreme Court’s decision, the judge appeared to go to great lengths to explain this to Piper.

South Dakota Philanthropists to be Recognized

The South Dakota Chapter of the Association of Fund Raising Professionals (SDAFP) will be recognizing the most philanthropic individuals, organizations and communities in our state at the 2009 National Philanthropy Day Celebration to be held Friday, October 2 at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn, Rapid City.

Cash for Clunkers Runs out of Gas

The Cash for Clunkers program, based on the fraudulent theory of man-made global warming, has run out of money in just a week. Liberals in Washington thought $1 billion of wasted taxpayer funds would be enough to finance the program, but they were wrong. They will surely be back to waste more of the taxpayer’s money on this joke of a program, however.

Police Sgt Crowley Gives Details of Meeting with Obama, Gates

Though some of the things Sgt. James Crowley discussed with President Obama and Professor Gates at the White House yesterday were said in confidence, this video of a later press conference provides a good picture of what the meeting was like.

Texas Considers Teaching America’s Religious Heritage in Schools

Texas is considering ending the recent practice of ignoring American’s rich Christian heritage and including the important role religion played in the founding of our country.

Mark Skogerboe Speaks on Renewing the Covenant of Our Founding Fathers

This is a video of my friend Mark Skogerboe giving a speech at the Bemidji, Minnesota Independence Day Tea Party a few weeks ago. The speech was entitled “Renewing the Covenant of Our Founding Fathers.”

Senator John Thune Launches Health Care Blog

Senator John Thune has launched a blog to discuss health care and the Democrats planned government takeover of health care. Says Thune, ““Let’s start over. Forget the idea of a so-called public option that would result in a government takeover of the entire healthcare system, and let’s find reform measures that our nation can afford right now…”

New Blogs

I’m adding a couple of new (relatively) blogs to the Dakota Voice blogroll, including Constitutionally Speaking, which is published by a lady named Linda in eastern South Dakota near Hartford. The tag line for Constitutionally Speaking is “Conservative Christian South Dakotans for Constitutional Legislation.” Linda has been out there blogging for a while, but like […]

Intolerance of the Tolerant Strikes Again

Once again we see a complete lack of tolerance from the ones who call the loudest for it: the homosexual community. In the latest of a string of offensive and often illegal behavior since the passage of Proposition 8 in California, homosexual activists physically attack a group speaking out for marriage in Rhode Island.

Obama Science Advisor: Trees Should Be Allowed to Sue in Court

We’ve recently learned that President Obama’s science advisor John Holdren wants to “de-develop” the United States and make us a Third World cesspool, thinks children are not yet human beings, is a Malthusian population control fanatic, and is generally against the American way of life. Now we find out he thinks trees should have legal standing to sue in a court of law. The blind are leading the blind in Washington D.C.

Sweden Privatizes While United States Socializes

Even as countries like Sweden are waking up to the reality that their experiment in socialism is a failure, liberals in the United States remain doggedly determined to make the same mistakes here. Are they just religiously dedicated to Marxism, or are they so arrogant that they believe America can finally make socialism work where it has failed everywhere else in the world throughout history?

Nebraska Moving to Join State’s Rights Movement

Nebraska is preparing to join the growing state’s rights movement to assert state sovereignty and return the federal government to its constitutional scope and level of authority.

Pennsylvania Senate Allows Freedom of Speech, Religious Expression

A month after his prayer was rejected by the Pennsylvania House, Rev. Gerry Stoltzfoos was allowed to pray in Jesus’ name before the Pennsylvania Senate on Wednesday. Apparently some still remember what freedom of speech and religious expression mean.

Medicaid abuse routinely ignored by sociocrats

Socialists have the audacity to make the claim that a government health care system will reduce costs…all the while existing government health care programs like Medicaid demonstrate repeatedly that this contention is totally false.

Obama Administration Saves Taxpayers 0.003% of Budget

Three months ago, President Obama announced a great quest to find $100 million in savings in the government for the taxpayers. Amazingly, his administration has done so! They managed to save 0.003% of the annual budget while only actually cutting one wasteful program.

IRS Backs Off Investigation of Pastor Who Advised ‘No’ Vote on Obama

The IRS has backed off the investigation of a pastor who last year urged his congregation to vote “No” on Barack Obama. The sermon was part of an effort to challenge the constitutionality of a 1954 tax code provision which interferes with freedom of speech and religious expression. Citing a “procedural problem” the move leaves the constitutional issue still unsettled.

Paper Urges Strengthening of Institution of Marriage

A new paper from the Institute on Religion and Democracy urges Christians to call on both church and society to strengthen the vitally important institution of marriage. While marriage is definitely under attack, there are positive signs and the battle for marriage is far from over.

Presidential Science Advisor Wants to Reverse American Development

The bad news about John Holdren, President Obama’s science czar, just keeps coming. In addition to being into population control and not seeing young children as real human beings, Holdren is an advocate of “de-developing” the United States, a code-phrase for undermining our modern industrial base and our standard of living. One need only look at Third World countries to see what Holdren envisions for America.

Obama Science Advisor: Newborn Baby Not Yet a Human Being

President Obama’s “science czar” John Holdren believes that even several years after birth, children aren’t yet human beings. This certainly takes “the right to choose” to new and ghoulish heights. What other dark surprises await the American people from the Obama administration?

Govt Health Care: Lessons from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts

We need not even look around the world at the many examples of the failures of socialism and socialized medicine. We have an example in Massachusetts that teaches the same lessons, but with one additional nugget of wisdom: contrary to what American liberals think, Americans aren’t smart enough to beat the socialist losing streak. No amount of money thrown at a bad idea will ever make it “smart,” either.

Another Study Finds Abortion, Breast Cancer Link

Though abortion activists continue to deny it, several studies have found a compelling link between abortion and increased risk of breast cancer. The latest study conducted by Dr. Vahit Ozmen of Turkey finds a 66% increase in breast cancer risk. Isn’t it time we faced the truth about all the risks of abortion?

Doctor from Mexican Govt Health Care System Warns of Pitfalls

A doctor from Mexico who lives under that country’s socialized health care system and has trained in government health care systems in other countries warns the U.S. about making the same mistake as other countries.