´╗┐ What did Dr. Tiller do with the dead babies?

What did Dr. Tiller do with the dead babies?

babyfootprint2In comments on another post I was challenged by a reader to state flatly whether I thought Dr. Tiller was guilty of murder in the 60,000 abortions that he performed during his career.

I responded that I was not able to know another person’s heart (only God can know that), but that by the evidence I thought Dr. Tiller knew what he was doing and decided that the financial reward was worth it; so, yes, I believe he was a murderer.

That was before I found this web site about the most prolific baby killer since Adolf Hitler. Now I am virtually certain that Dr. Tiller had a very dark and evil heart.

At www.dr-tiller.com we learn much more about Tiller. He cynically offered┬ámemorial services for mothers of aborted children to include baptism, photos, foot prints, chaplain’s services, cremation, etc. All for a nominal fee, of course.

I cannot be sure of how God has judged Dr. Tiller. I cannot judge a person’s heart, only his actions, but, based on what I have come to learn about his practice of killing for hire I certainly hope I am in better spiritual shape than he when I face the Lord.

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  1. Wow! It certainly seems George Tiller wasn't drinking the same moral-anesthetic Koolaid that many in the pro-abortion crowd do. No arguments of “a collection of cells” or “blastocysts” or even “products of conception” here. He seemed to go the extra mile in acknowledging that a human being had died (and died at his own hands).

    Yes, we can't know another human being's heart; only God knows that. But God indicated we'd have a pretty good idea by the fruits our life produced…and Tiller's fruit looks pretty rotten.

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  4. Pro-choicers need to choose ONE famous right-to-lifer and do to him all the LEGAL things–not the illegal ones–which were done to Dr. Tiller for twenty-five years.

    Call him a murderer who will continue murdering UNTIL HE IS STOPPED, Publish the locations of his properties and workplace and those of his loved ones. Publish rhetoric designed to appeal to quiescent loonie loners and activate them against the target. Publically pray for him to be stopped. Predict his assassination. Proclaim that murdering him, although it would be wrong, would be no worse than what he does every day. Praise hypothetical pro-choice counterterrorists. If people start doing low-level crimes, vandalism or threats or whatever, lionize those people and collect money on their behalf.

    We know this is legal because it is exactly what was done to Dr. Tiller for twenty-five years, and it continued after he was bombed and shot.

    There is no reason ANY right-to-lifer should live more safely than Dr. Tiller lived. Nor any longer. Right-to-lifers will never seriously cooperate on preventing terror until right-to-lifers SUFFER terror.

    Come join my religion. It’s easy to join. All you have to do is put your hand on your heart and swear: “Right-to-lifism is murder and all right-to-lifers are murderers. Even if my understanding of this creed is imperfect, I nontheless accept it as True. I pledge to conduct myself accordingly.”