Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending June 27, 2009

j0402279These were the top articles at Dakota Voice last week.  You made the the top items through your readership and comments. If you missed one the first time around, or simply want to consider the content in the slower pace of your Sunday, this is your chance.

Cost of Cap and Trade Bill by Congressional District
– The U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed the biggest tax on the American people in history.  See what the damage to you will be if the Senate also passes the bill.

Evolutionists Adrift on the Origin of Information
– Evolutionists can’t explain where information comes from. As Dr. Stephen Meyer points out, the only know source of information is intelligence, yet evolutionists expect us to believe something never observed in science. The “science” of evolution theory sounds pretty unscientific, doesn’t it?

Michael Jackson Dead, Rest in Peace
– The King of Pop Michael Jackson is dead of an apparent heart attack at age 50. He knew little peace in this life; will he now find rest and peace in another life?

Obama to Push UN Law Which Undermines Parental Authority
– In the 1990s, liberals pushed for the US to sign onto the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Now President Obama is preparing a fresh push to subject American parents to this law which would interfere in the home and undermine parental authority–while doing nothing around the world where child welfare really is a problem.

Cash for Clunkers: Fraud Upon Fraud
– The latest scam from the federal government to separate more of your money from your wallet is the “Cash for Clunkers” program to pay people to trade in old cars for more fuel-efficient ones. It wastes yourhard-earned tax dollars on a problem thatdoesn’t even exist.

Restoring Constitutional Govt With the Enumerated Powers Act
– Congress has for many years run roughshod over or completely ignored the U.S. Constitution–the standard for all laws in America and the document which specifically states what government can do…and nothingelse. The Enumerated Powers Act would require the specific Constitutional authority for all legislation to be referenced. This is the key to returning to limited government, and government for the people.

Global Warming Consensus Gone Up in Flames
– Al Gore and other socialists in Washington want to stimulate our herd instinct by making us believe that “everybody knows” global warming is man’s fault, and “nobody” believes different. But Kimberley Strassel at the Wall Street Journal torpedoes the fallacious claims of “concensus.”

Polish Academy of Sciences Report Slams Global Warming Spin
– A report from the Polish Academy of Sciences excoriates contentions of anthropogenic global warming in light of the tremendous evidence for natural causes. Apparently yet another group that didn’t get Al Gore’s memo that there is “consensus” on this issue.

Report: EPA Suppresses Climate Data to Push Cap and Trade Tax Bill
– If the “science” of anthropogenic global warming is as “settled” as liberals claim, why does the EPA have to bury a report which shows cooling temps and evidence of natural causes in order to help pass the cap and trade global warming tax? It is a dark and dangerous thing when the government of the people suppresses information in order to force an extreme tax on those same people.

Obama’s Health Care Scheme: Good for The, Not for Me
– President Obama admits he wouldn’t force his own family to be treated under the mediocre quality that always comes with socialized medicine…yet he is obviously very zealous about forcing that on average Americans. Will Americans tolerate this elitist attitude, or tell congress and the White House where they can stick their “better than you” socialist plans?

Thank you, Constant Reader, for making these the best of the best!

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