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Thune, Inhofe Call for Investigation of EPA Report Coverup

The environmental extremists at the EPA were probably hoping the report they hid which pointed to natural causes of global warming would just go away permanently after the cap and trade tax vote, but people found out about it and now Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and Senator John Thune (R-SD) are calling for an investigation into the incident.

Survey Indicates Youth Falling Away from Christianity in School

Most Christians realize the radical secularist agenda in many colleges will lead their children to fall away from the faith. But this survey indicates the falling away is already beginning in school…and that churches may be contributing to it.

Cap and Trade: Full Steam Ahead!

President Obama and the Democrats are moving America forward. But in what direction? Credit: The Patriot Post (www.PatriotPost.US)

Study: You Are What You Drive

You’ve probably looked at a vehicle and, based on the type of car, figured you knew the politics of the person driving it. Now a study finds that you might have been right.

The Bronze Rat

This story of the bronze rat could compel you to want to buy things you never imagined might even exist.

Obama Pledges Allegiance to Homosexual Agenda

At an event celebrating homosexual behavior at the White House yesterday, President Obama pledged to be an ally and champion of the homosexual agenda.

Jefferson, the American Mind and the Birth of America

America was not founded on mediocrity, but on lofty ideals based on the transcendent understanding that human beings were created to be free, and that those freedoms are worth fighting for.

Pedophilia in the Homosexual World

The “mainstream” media tries to keep child molestation perpetrated by homosexuals quiet. But studies show molestation of children by homosexuals occurs at much higher rates and numbers than heterosexuals, even though homosexuals only make up a tiny portion of the population.

Cap and Trade Bill: Attack of the Shower Nazis

Tucked away in the cap and trade global warming bill passed by the House Friday is a provision to waste still more of the taxpayer’s money incentivizing people to buy devices that make their shower heads dribble.

President Obama: Promoting Homosexuality More Important than Prayer

President Obama saw no need to hold an official observance at the White House of the National Day of Prayer. But for Homosexual Pride Month, he held a White House celebration and compared homosexual behavior to skin color.