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Know Your Rights or You Will Lose Them

Have the American people become so ignorant of their own country, Constitution and history that a grown woman could see the First Amendment written on a blackboard and think it is a new law? Apparently so. Do you know the Constitution, or just what the media and education establishment think you should know?

Mrs. Leary soon to be homeless. UPDATE: Daniel Leary responds–see comments.

We received a comment this morning from someone claiming to be Mrs. Leary’s devoted son and author of the e-mail that started this post. Is it authentic? Should I apologize for my cold and heartless remarks? You decide.

States Take a Stand Against Federal Intrusion

Even as the American government reaches new lows in assaults on the American people and the American way of life, there is hope that a return to Constitutional government may be around the corner. Several states are adopting “Tenth Amendment” resolutions that re-assert their sovereignty, and are even saying “back off” to cap-and-trade and socialized medicine schemes.

MIT Science Team Finds Evidence of Natural Climate Change

A team of researchers at MIT have found evidence in methane levels of natural causation for greenhouse gas production.