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Dawinists Dogma Questioned

The Discovery Channel inadvertently points to evidence that the theory of evolution is all wet with it’s “Secret of the Dinosaur Mummy” presentation. How is it that carbon is still present in an allegedly 77 million year old fossil, when C14 has a relatively short half-life?

Report: Cap and Trade Bill Bringing Refinery Closures

Industry officials expect that, thanks to the cap and trade global warming tax supported by the US House on Friday, this will add 77 cents to each gallon of gas, and devastate at least 12% of our already-maxed out refining capacity.

Pro-Life Group’s Office Attacked in Wake of Tiller Murder

A pro-life group’s headquarters in Wichita was attacked by an unidentified suspect who remains at large. This comes weeks after late-term abortionist George Tiller was murdered. The group has been receiving death threats and threatening emails recently.

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending June 27, 2009

These are the best of the best from last week at Dakota Voice. If you missed one the first time around, or want to read over something again, now is your chance: from cap and trade to evolution to Michael Jackson to parental rights to the Constitution to global warming to health care, there’s something here for everyone!

New Zealand Meteorologist: Global Warming 95% Water Vapor

While socialists in the U.S. government were busy gouging the people they represent with as huge tax based on the theory of anthropogenic global warming, information keeps coming to light that warming is a natural, cyclic phenomenon. But what are a few little facts when you have a socialist agenda to accomplish?