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Democrat Contempt for America Passes Global Warming Tax

Liberals in the US House have done their dirty work and passed the cap and trade global warming tax bill, the largest tax in American history. Now it’s time for the American people in the districts of those who voted for the bill to do their work, and start preparing to remove these contemptuous “representatives” from office next year.

‘Hate Crime’ Bill Seen as Attack on Freedom of Speech, Religion

Proponents claim a hate crimes bill will only protect homosexuals from “discrimination.” Yet everywhere such hate crime laws are passed, they are used to curtain freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and punish those who do not fully celebrate and accommodate their behavior.

Who says this is the end for Mark Sanford?

Star Parker: Is America’s biggest crisis that leaders fall short of standards, or is it that our answers to human frailty increasingly tend to deny that any standards exist? The most strident cries of hypocrisy come from from those who want to de-legitimize and marginalize those traditional values.