Archive for June 26th, 2009

Polish Academy of Sciences Report Slams Global Warming Spin

A report from the Polish Academy of Sciences excoriates contentions of anthropogenic global warming in light of the tremendous evidence for natural causes. Apparently yet another group that didn’t get Al Gore’s memo that there is “consensus” on this issue.

Government Health Care: Your Money, Our Schedule

What might it look like if government ran health care in America the way they run everything else? The motto “Government: Your Money, Our Schedule” comes to mind. Got freedom?

Global Warming Consensus Gone Up in Flames

Al Gore and other socialists in Washington want to stimulate our herd instinct by making us believe that “everybody knows” global warming is man’s fault, and “nobody” believes different. But Kimberley Strassel at the Wall Street Journal torpedoes the fallacious claims of “concensus.”

Report: EPA Suppresses Climate Data to Push Cap and Trade Tax

If the “science” of anthropogenic global warming is as “settled” as liberals claim, why does the EPA have to bury a report which shows cooling temps and evidence of natural causes in order to help pass the cap and trade global warming tax? It is a dark and dangerous thing when the government of the people suppresses information in order to force an extreme tax on those same people.

House of Thieves: The Global Warming Tax

With their cap and trade global warming tax scheme, congress is set to become a house of thieves today as they vote on whether to steal the largest amount of loot ever robbed from the American people.