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Obama’s Health Care Scheme: Good for Thee, Not for Me

President Obama admits he wouldn’t force his own family to be treated under the mediocre quality that always comes with socialized medicine…yet he is obviously very zealous about forcing that on average Americans. Will Americans tolerate this elitist attitude, or tell congress and the White House where they can stick their “better than you” socialist plans?

Michael Jackson Dead, Rest in Peace

The King of Pop Michael Jackson is dead of an apparent heart attack at age 50. He knew little peace in this life; will he now find rest and peace in another life?

Virginia Partial Birth Abortion Ban Upheld

Judge Wilkinson of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Virginia’s partial birth abortion ban, chiding abortionists for “retreating to the haven of our Constitution to justify dismembering a partly born child and crushing its skull.” All abortion not performed to save a mother’s life (which is about 1% or less of all abortions) is unjustifiable, but this barbaric procedure is the worst of of them all.

Department of Medical Voodoo

A vision of the future under government health care…The ever-vigilant Department of Motor Vehicles, retrained and retooled, tackles the problem of universal health care.

Cost of Cap and Trade Bill by Congressional District

This report breaks down not only the national cost of the cap-and-trade global warming tax scheme, but the cost to each congressional district around the country. You might find such information useful–depending on whether your representative votes for or against this assault on American prosperity–during the next election when you decide who to vote for…or against.

GAO Report: Electric Cars Won’t Cut Greenhouse Gasses

If you’re an environmentalist, driving around a tiny electric car might make you feel good, but a new GAO report says you’re not doing much to reduce greenhouse gases.

Cap and Trade Tax Threatens New Power Plant Development

In their zeal to solve a problem (anthropogenic global warming) that doesn’t exist, liberals in congress are not only going to raise your electric bill by 40% with their cap and trade global warming tax scheme, they are undermining development of much-needed power plants.

Evolutionists Adrift on the Origin of Information

Evolutionists can’t explain where information comes from. As Dr. Stephen Meyer points out, the only know source of information is intelligence, yet evolutionists expect us to believe something never observed in science. The “science” of evolution theory sounds pretty unscientific, doesn’t it?

Red State Rockers New Song: No Socialism

The Red State Rockers are a conservative rock band who bring us their new song “No Socialism.” It’s a rockin’ song about the red-white-and-blue rejection of socialism, something antithetical to American values. Even if you’re not into modern rock, give it a listen.